Easter can teach couples resiliency

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Chaplain (Maj.) Bob Crowley
3rd Brigade Combat Team
25th Infantry Division

Easter in the Christian tradition is a celebration of the truth about God that can help the Soldier and spouse alike.

Easter is the story of new life that is offered to each of us, like the turning of the seasons.

Easter is an important religious holiday that should not be recognized once a year. If we recognize it more than one time a year, Easter can bolster our resilience.

Christians believe that the truth about God is that he sent his son, Jesus, to pay a price for each of us. Most of us know that we don’t live perfect lives like Jesus did. Just look at the news during the week, and you would have to agree.

If you want some help in this life of imperfection, then study what the story of Easter in the Bible illustrates. I passionately want Soldiers and spouses to know they can gain hope through the story of Easter.

Christians around the world know the story well. They can explain and tie it to the Christmas story each year. Celebrating Easter helps Christians to remember that Christ rose from the dead on the third day after being buried in a cave sealed with a large boulder.

One may ask, “What does that have to do with my life of imperfection?” It is a valid question.

Christians believe that Christ’s rising from the dead paid the penalty for their own imperfectness. If we lived 100 lives, we would know that we could not do it without wrongdoing. As much as we try, we are incapable of perfection, so it brings Christians hope and support to know that God loves them enough to send Jesus.

Putting all imperfection aside means that we have a changed life. Christianity explains that the changes that occur because of Easter are newness.

Easter is celebrated each year, not by mistake. It’s celebrated at a time that represents the turning. Though we do not have the changing of seasons here in Hawaii, most of us know what it is like to go from winter to spring. So, a question arises to me about why this turning is important. Maybe it is that we need to turn or to change just like the season that is turning.

Are there things in your life that need to be changed? Are there things in your marriage that you have the power to change?

Changes typically don’t come easy to us humans, and I would further consider that as Soldiers and spouses, we already go through more changes than the average American as we serve those who serve in the Army. If we, as those who serve already have the foundations for change established, then we should rely on those skills to aid us in the changes that we know we need to make.

Summing up Easter is simple. As the turning of the seasons occurs each year, we celebrate Easter’s focus on changes. Take a hard look at yourself or your marriage, and see if there are things that you can tweak.

Rely on established foundations for changes that you already have in your life. Establish new patterns of resiliency, which is in essence a way to change and overcome things that affect you.

Lastly, faith can be a source of change in your life that does not go away. Easter, like faith, really is a constant for us, and we should try to remember that because of Easter, our faith can get us through life and give us a sense of peace that does not go away.

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