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Gayle Yanagida
Directorate of Plans,
Analysis and Integration Office
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD — U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii is committed to being a customer-focused organization that seeks and uses customer feedback to evaluate and improve the delivery of installation programs and services.

To accomplish this, it is essential that the Directorate of Plans, Analysis and Integration listens to the garrison’s customers and responds to their concerns in a continuous feedback loop.

This process entails moving the focus away from merely collecting customer satisfaction data to managing customer information and translating it into creative solutions that provide excellent services to Soldiers, their families, our civilian workforce and other stakeholders.

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is the Web-based tool used to collect feedback from customers via online comment cards. It is also a tool for managers of those services to view the results of the customer submissions and perform other tasks related to maintain customer comment cards for those services. It provides for continuous feedback.

Unlike surveys, the ICE system incorporates a mechanism for quick responses to customers. In ICE, customers have the option to submit their comments anonymously. However, if the customer does not provide a valid telephone or email address, the manager is unable to respond directly to the customer.

It is important for service provider managers to effectively handle their relationships with customers, and one of the key steps to meeting that intent is to communicate with customers directly.

Some individuals worry about having their comments tracked, but ICE does not purposely track or log information about the individual customer (e.g., name, login, etc.), except for the information that is provided as contact information or as comments on the comment card by the customer.

The garrison leadership believes it is extremely important to close the loop with those providing feedback. All customers are encouraged to provide their contact information.

When there is a change that is customer driven, or when an issue is resolved, the loop with customers (personally or via other channels) who were part of the feedback process, if they provided contact information, can be closed.

This step is critical, because customers will be more encouraged to give input if they know they are being heard and are capable of effecting change.

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