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Gregory McGruder (back row, second from right), store director, Schofield Barracks Commissary, stands with the winners of the commissary's second annual "Choose to Lose" program following a ceremony at the commissary, April 24. Pictured are (from left) Genel and Wade Oganeku, overall group winners; Brianne Nevill, consolation winner; Ed, Kendra and Skyler Dawe, overall family winners; and Paulette Bethel, overall individual winner.

Gregory McGruder (back row, second from right), store director, Schofield Barracks Commissary, stands with the winners of the commissary’s second annual “Choose to Lose” program following a ceremony at the commissary, April 24.

Story and photo by Sarah Pacheco, Staff Writer

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The Schofield Barracks Commissary gave a giant pat on the back to the winners of its second annual “Choose to Lose” weight-loss competition in a ceremony, here, April 24.

The contest began Jan. 17 and concluded with a final weigh-in April 18.

About 75 people signed up for the program at its launch, with the option to enroll as an individual, group or as a family, according to Gregory McGruder, store director, Schofield Barracks Commissary.

“The contest was a fantastic success,” said a very proud McGruder. “We had a great deal of participants, and they all made it to the end.”

Crossing the finish line in first place in each category were as follows:

•Paulette Bethel, individual winner;

•Wade and Genel Oganeku, group winners; and

•Retired sergeant first class and his family.

Spouse Brianne Nevill also received a special consolation prize for “having a fantastic amount of weight loss,” said McGruder.

The overall category winners each received more than $800 in monetary gifts from commissary vendors Kraft, Foster Farms, Nestle, Diamond Head Seafood and General Mills.

Terence Maynard, main store manager, Schofield Main Exchange, also presented the winners a new pair of New Balance shoes to help them continue their journey toward a healthier life.

“For me, this is going to be a lifestyle change that I intend to continue,” said Bethel, who signed up for the program as a way to jump-start her New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

“I was able to meet my goal, but I also learned better habits, like drinking more water and making healthy food choices,” Bethel said. “It was nice to know there were other people doing this with me, so that even when I didn’t necessarily see the other people, I still knew there were other people out there going after the same goals as me.”

“They did a great job in teaching and promoting healthy eating habits,” agreed Nevill. “They would give us tips through emails, they sponsored events, and so it just got us moving, getting us ready for the year.”

Over the course of the three-month program, contestants were challenged not only to lose weight, but also to make positive changes to their diets and lifestyles, supported by the commissary through in-store promotions and workout opportunities.

“We entered this program to do things a little more consistently and more healthy, and to motivate us to exercise more,” agreed Wade Oganeku, flashing a thick stack of “Choose to Lose” bucks he and Genel had earned every time they exercised at the post gym.

“We do the Great Aloha Run, and we normally do the Ford Island Bridge 10K, and now my wife is signed up for a half marathon,” Oganeku added. “(This program) really motivated us to keep going to the gym and work- out. It was fun.”

Other big winners of the day, though not present, were Eluwene Chang and Erin Murphy, who won a treadmill and bicycle, respectively, courtesy of Frito Lay and the Exchange.

“I would definitely like to thank the Exchange and the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation for their support in utilizing the gyms and putting on Zumba classes, having flash mobs and fun walks, and for the prizes the Exchange provided,” McGruder said.

“I think we’ll hold this (contest) again,” McGruder added. “The first year was successful, and this was even more of a success, so it will definitely be something we’ll look at for next year.”

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