Footsteps in Faith: In times of hardship, press on!

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Chaplain (Col.) Bob Phillips
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii
Here are some very natural reactions and desires when facing situations that are less than ideal: Just say, “Stop this ride, I want to get off.” Or say, “I got myself in over my head this time.”
Often, when we face a challenge, there is this quiet voice within us that says, “Let’s go back. Let’s go back to a place where it’s comfortable, where life is safe and predictable.”
I think we all face thoughts like this from time to time.
I am reminded of the story of Hernando Cortes, a 16th century Spanish explorer.
In 1519, Cortes led an expedition to the new world. When he arrived, he knew that the hardships and challenges of the new world would be severe. He knew that many of the Sailors and explorers with him would eventually become discouraged, weary, fearful and disheartened.
He also knew that the adversity and privation of the immediate surroundings would cloud or even crush their vision, hopes and dreams. He knew that when the tough times came, his people would begin to lose sight of the reason why they came. He knew that they would begin to yearn for home, for the lives they once knew … lives that were simple, predictable and safe.
So, Cortes burned his ships! By doing that, his people had no choice but to press on, to push on, to make it work, to be creative, to take risks, to hold on to the vision — to find a way.
And that’s exactly what they did. It wasn’t easy. The hardships were
severe. The cost was high. But they made it.
So, when that small quiet voice whispers to you, “Let’s turn back; this is too much. I don’t think I can do this,” I want to challenge you to burn those mental and emotional ships.
Grasp hold of the dream you have. Press on. Push harder. Find a way.
Believe in yourself, but more importantly, believe in and trust the God who created you and established a plan and purpose for your life before you drew your first breath.
During his times of hardship, the apostle Paul wrote this:

“Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God”

(Philippians 3:13-14) .

God’s upward call is offered to each of us. Press on!

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