CSF2 provides executive training to senior USARPAC leadership

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Katie Copeskey
Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness


FORT SHAFTER FLATS — The Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (C2F2) Center hosted 39 senior U.S. Army-Pacific leaders, May 28, during an Executive Resilience and Performance Enhancement Course, here.

“The Executive Resilience and Performance Enhancement Course is the newest addition to the services that we provide,” said Eric Schrager, the CSF2 Training Center manager. “The goal is to educate leaders on the program so that it can be properly implemented.”

Maj. Gen. James Pasquarette, USARPAC chief of staff and former director of the C2F2 program, provided opening remarks. He encouraged all attendees to promote and prioritize the use of their master resilience trainers (MRTs) to teach the 14 life skills and to continue to enhance the resiliency of the force.

“I think it is quite telling that Gen. Brooks took the time out of his busy schedule to be present for the entire training event today. This sends a very strong message of how critical the CSF2 program is to the overall mission of the Army,” said Pasquarette, thanking the many spouses and Department of the Army civilians for being available to learn more about the program so that the entire Army family can be affected.

“The CSF2 program has created over 22,000 MRTs to spread the message of how to effectively bounce back, as well as to grow and thrive during challenging times; however, without command buy-in, we are not seeing the culture change that this program was hoping to create,” said Schrager.

Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, USARPAC commander, welcomed the audience by challenging them to be open minded about integrating the vision of CSF2 within their units, as well as their personal lives.

“I know we all have very busy schedules, but for right now, let’s turn off our phones and be fully present and engaged so that we can soak in everything that Eric and Katie have for us this morning,” said Brooks. “I have been a strong supporter of CSF2 since its inception and cannot impress upon you all enough how the skills taught within this program can change the mindset of those that choose to apply these skills into their life.

“These life skills can have a dramatically positive impact on both the individual and the collective to enable people to better handle the stressors that they face and perform better both at work and home,” Brooks added.

Feedback received by the participants was positive and illustrated the importance of the CSF2 program at all levels.

“This was a very engaging and motivational presentation. I have a clearer understanding of the program and its value,” read one comment.

Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

The CSF2 Training Center is located on Schofield Barracks at 1612 Foote Ave., Bldg. 648 (near Sgt. Smith Theater). Call 655-9804.

(Editor’s note: Copeskey is the lead MRT-performance expert and one of the Executive Resilience and Performance Enhancement Course leaders.)

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