‘SPORT’ builds coping skills, resilience, to retain future leaders

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Master Sgt. Karen Brown
U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks

Leadership at all levels is committed to forming a more resilient and healthy force.

The Department of the Army requires resilience training using the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) model for indoctrination of basic resilience principles within the force.

Additionally, the Army Surgeon General has developed a wellness-focused Performance Triad campaign, focusing on sleep, nutrition and exercise as a means to gaining a healthy, ready lifestyle.

The U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks (USAHC-SB), in partnership with the garrison and the 25th Infantry Division, developed a prevention-focused program pulling from both CSF2 and the Performance Triad. The Soldier Performance and Operational Resiliency Training (SPORT) program will provide a prevention-focused, two-week psycho-educational course integrating CSF2, physical training and behavioral health education and skills.

“The program is a tremendous opportunity for the right individual to spend two weeks learning how to be a more effective and efficient Soldier,” said Dr. Jesse Michel, SPORT trainer.

SPORT isn’t a treatment program. It acts as a prevention arm of the larger intensive outpatient program within the USAHC-SB Department of Behavioral Health. The course will afford the Soldiers an opportunity to hone healthy coping skills prior to the onset of issues that may require behavioral health professional intervention.

Commanders are encouraged to nominate Soldiers who are retainable as viable members of the formation. These Soldiers cannot be facing administrative or Uniform Code of Military Justice, or UCMJ actions, or enrolled in the ASAP or other behavioral health programs.

The program is geared toward Soldiers who are experiencing increased stress, either personally or professionally, and whose command supports additional training in the hopes to retain and train a future leader within the ranks.

As part of the program, Soldiers will receive five days of Master Resilience Training (MRT) and one day of Performance Enhancement training, after which each Soldier may be certified as a Resilience Training Assistant (RTA) at their commander’s discretion.

During the CSF2 portion of the course, Soldiers will receive in-depth instruction on all 12 of the CSF2 resilience skills and on two of the program’s Performance Enhancement Skills (Energy Management and Goal Setting).

After completing the CSF2 portion of the course, Soldiers will be eligible to assist MRT unit training led by Soldiers (with 8-Romeo identifiers) who have graduated from the official two-week MRT course. Additionally, Soldiers will be taught material from the CSF2 Performance Enhancement Model, which includes performance-specific skills, such as Attention Control and Integrating Imagery.

The second week includes classes on anger and stress management, sleep hygiene, suicide prevention, nutrition, financial management, substance abuse, relationship maintenance and pain management, as well as information about Military Family Life Consultant resources. The two-week program also contains 10 physical training sessions with a certified Master Fitness Trainer, each morning, designed to improve physical readiness.

“The variety of skills taught over 10 days will positively impact each Soldier’s personal and professional lives,” said Michel.

Participants earn training points toward promotion. There are plans to conduct courses for enlisted and officers in the hopes that Soldiers who graduate from SPORT can impact all levels of Army leadership.

“This is truly a comprehensive approach to Soldier development, and Maj. Sam Preston and Master Sgt. Karen Brown have developed an innovative course that big Army could use as a blueprint for behavioral health prevention programming!” said Michel.

(Editor’s note: SPORT trainer Michel is a CSF2 MRT-Performance Expert.)



Interested or wishing to recommend a potential SPORT candidate? Call 433-8587. All candidates will be screened for appropriateness for the IOP-1/SPORT program to ensure quality and safety of participants.


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