Triad is in Week 5 come July 6

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The Performance Triad challenge runs for 26 weeks. (Courtesy Graphic)

The Performance Triad challenge runs for 26 weeks. (Courtesy Graphic)

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Think about what motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle.

What can you gain from increasing your activity, eating healthier and getting more sleep?
How will you feel when you reach your goals?

Performance Triad

Performance Triad

Sleep Goal. Check your sleep environment. Make sure it is dark, quiet and at a comfortable room temperature. Don’t use electronic devices in the bedroom.

Activity Goal. Have you been sitting down on the job or at home? Walk around for a few minutes at least once every hour. Staying active throughout the day can help you fight chronic conditions, stress and unwanted weight gain.

Nutrition Goal. Breakfast and lunch are your best energy-producing meals. Focus on foods you need, and start with breakfast.

Eat a breakfast that helps you meet your food-group needs. People who skip breakfast have less energy and often weigh more.

To get involved with the Performance Triad, call Sgt. Randall Busick, the challenge coordinator, at (808) 433-8349.

Check out this link to eat healthier meals:

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