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Defense Commissary Agency, News Release

Case lot sales are returning to local commissaries.

With the unveiling of Customer Appreciation, the Defense Commissary Agency brings back the popular sales event for its stores, including commissaries in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

DeCA logo

DeCA logo

Each commissary will hold a two-to-three-day event from Aug. 14 to Sept. 30.

Case lot sales offer patrons a multitude of items, some at savings of 50 percent or more, in full cases and in the club-pack format found in off-base club warehouse stores.

You also can check the “Local Store Information” section of your commissary’s store Web page to see when your commissary has scheduled its Customer Appreciation Sale. You can connect to your store’s page by clicking on the “Locations” link on the DeCA website and accessing “Alphabetical Listings” in the drop-down menu to find your store’s Web page.

Some overseas commissaries may hold substitute events, such as sidewalk sales. Overseas patrons are asked to check their commissary’s Web page for local store information.

Summer savings, sale events. Commissaries are offering military patrons extra savings on the products they’ll need for their grilling get-togethers, pool parties or ocean-side picnics.

“Summer savings can be found at your commissary all season long, making life easier on your family budget and, at the same time, helping others who are not so fortunate,” said Randy Chandler, DeCA’s director of sales. “The commissaries are proud to work with our industry partners to not only provide patrons with great savings, but also support our wounded service members and their families.”

DeCA’s industry partners — vendors, suppliers and brokers — are collaborating with commissaries in July to offer discounts beyond everyday savings.

Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Patrons are asked to check their local commissary for details on dates and times.

Feds Feed Families. Commissary employees and customers also are working together to collect donations for the Feds Feed Families campaign.

Feds Feed Families Logo

Feds Feed Families Logo

The campaign, which began June 1 and continues through Aug. 31, collects much-needed items for local food banks.

Customers and employees can donate nonperishable food and personal hygiene items using marked bins at the entries or exits of participating commissaries.

“Times are still tough for a lot of families, and with commissaries and our patrons working together, we hope to lessen that burden,” said Vicki Archileti, DeCA’s executive director of infrastructure support.

Once the items have been collected, the installation will pick up the items and deliver them to a local food bank.

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For a schedule of case lot sales, go to
daac=N&page=case_lot_dates. General commissary information can be found at

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