Performance Triad ready to move into Week 6

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SAN 6-Week Check-In (Medical Command)

SAN 6-Week Check-In (Medical Command)

Now is a good time to evaluate progress

U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Public Affairs

Have you checked your progress in the 26-week Performance Triad health challenge?

Track your progress this week with the “SAN 6-Week Check-In Tracking Chart,” as seen above.

Performance Triad

Performance Triad

Have your sleep, activity and nutrition habits improved?

Sleep Goal. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants. Did you know that caffeine even 6 hours before lights out will affect your ability to fall asleep and total sleep time?

Stop caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. Visit the Army Wellness Center (AWC) to learn strategies to eliminate nicotine use.

Activity Goal. Did you know that adults who regularly engage in physical activity have a lower risk of depression? Take a 10-minute walk every day this week.

Nutrition Goal. Not sure what to eat and drink? Try starting with a plan.

A daily food plan will help you meet your nutrient needs.

•For more information to help you meet your activity and nutrition goals, visit
•Get started with healthy eating. Visit
•Learn more about the triad at

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