Footsteps in Faith: Adversity makes us reconsider what’s good

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Chaplain (Capt.) Darrell V. Burriss
2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division

Life can be full of joy:



•Couples getting married on beautiful Hawaiian beaches with their families and friends present.

•Soldiers learning they have made promotion lists.

•Babies being born.

•Celebrating our nation’s independence last week with the amazing fireworks show at Schofield Barracks.

•Just being on Oahu and experiencing all the island has to offer.

All these things brings joy to the heart.

The joyful experiences of life are great opportunities to live to the fullest and create lifelong memories.

However, life can also be full of pain and disappointment brought on by varying degrees of adversity. Just as joyful experiences can be great opportunities, so too, can adverse experiences be opportunities.

While adversity is not good in and of itself, good can result from adversity. Even from life’s most tragic events, good can result. How is that possible?

Adversity requires us to reconsider our notions of good. In our culture, good is thought of in terms of what brings pleasure, comfort or convenience. If that is the case, then adversity can result in nothing good.

But, what if good means something vastly different? If we think of good in terms of what causes growth or maturity, then adversity can certainly result in good.

Adversity can and should result in mental, emotional and spiritual growth and maturity. As we grow and mature in those areas, we can develop the skills to survive adversity and thrive in spite of it. We learn to exercise tactical patience, assess the situation, envision an end state, make a plan to get there and execute it. In other words, we learn to become future focused.

With mental, emotional and spiritual maturity also comes the ability and desire to help others to survive adversity and then thrive in spite of it.

In other words, we learn to become outward focused.

 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good.”
— Romans 8:28

We can claim the promise, above, even in adversity. It will require we see adversity as an opportunity to grow and mature, as a good. It also requires us to focus on the future and on others who are in need.

Whether we are going through adversity now or the next round, all things do work together for good.

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