Police Call: Be safe to start the new school year

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Col. Mark A. Jackson
Director, Emergency Services U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command


As the end of summer draws near, parents and children everywhere are preparing for the start of the new school year.

Regardless of whether you have children, there are many key things to consider as the school year begins, Friday, Aug. 1.

The start of the school year means an increase in traffic during the drop-off and pick-up times. Keep in mind that there will be buses and parents dropping-off and picking-up children at school, and this could affect your daily travel. There will be more traffic flowing through all of the gates and throughout various neighborhoods on the installations.

Watch for children loading and unloading buses, and plan extra time into your morning travel in the event you find yourself slowed down by a bus. Always use caution when a bus is near and exercise patience!

Remember, it’s against the law to pass a school bus while its red signal lights are flashing.

Aside from increased vehicle traffic, the school year also causes an increase in pedestrian traffic from the neighborhoods to the schools. Be on the lookout for children and parents walking on their way to class, especially when travelling through intersections and driveways.

Stay alert while driving and follow all posted signs for school zone speed limits and pedestrian crossings.

Again, all elementary and middle schools across the garrison resume classes beginning Aug. 1. Drop-off times in the mornings will be weekdays from approximately 7-8:30 a.m.; pick-up times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are from approximately 1:45-2:30 p.m.; pick-up on Wednesdays will take place from approximately 1-1:45 p.m. Please follow the instructions of the Military Police to ensure a smooth and timely drop-off and pick-up.

Parents must ensure that their children have proper supervision when traveling to and from school. Children under the age of 10 cannot be left unsupervised at bus stops and cannot walk to school alone. Make sure children ages 10 and older are safe during their walk to and from school by looking both ways before crossing streets in crosswalks, reporting any suspicious activity or any incidents to the nearest adult, and staying in groups whenever possible.


Safety is always a team effort!

To assist in the smooth transition to a new school year, there will be an increased MP presence in the surrounding neighborhoods and heavily travelled school routes. MP patrols will conduct radar enforcement and presence patrols to ensure the safety of children and the community as a whole. However, responsibility to ensure a safe start to the new school year falls on every member of the community.

We look forward to a great and safe school year!

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