Team effort loads birds, cargo for Pathways

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Story and photos by Donna Klapakis
599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs

BARBERS POINT — Cranes lift helicopters into the 'tween deck and other cargo and vehicles onto the weather deck of the M/V Clipper Makiri during port operations at Barbers Point Harbor, here, Aug. 1.

BARBERS POINT — Cranes lift helicopters into the ‘tween deck
and other cargo and vehicles onto the weather deck of the M/V Clipper Makiri during port operations at Barbers Point Harbor, here, Aug. 1.

BARBERS POINT HARBOR — The 599th Transportation Brigade oversaw load-out of cargo and equipment, here, July 28-Aug. 2, en route to Pacific Pathways exercises.
The operation on behalf of the 25th Infantry Division’s 25th Combat Aviation Brigade and the 29th Infantry Bde. Combat Team, Hawaii Army National Guard, was truly a joint

A Black Hawk being lifted by a crane.

A Black Hawk rising from dockside to be placed into the ‘tween deck.

In addition to the 599th and supported units, the load-out also involved Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor; the 836th Transportation Battalion from Yokohama, Japan; the Guam Detachment; and the Army Reserve’s 302nd Terminal Transportation Battalion.
Helicopters flew from Wheeler Army Airfield to the docks early in the week, so that unit Soldiers could prepare them for loading aboard ship. Stevedores and Soldiers first assembled other cargo and equipment at the advanced holding area on WAAF, and then transported them to the docks throughout the week.
Capt. Christopher Thomas, 836th Trans. Bn. operations officer, was the chief of a deployment and distribution management team from the 836th Trans. Bn. and the Guam Det.

A humvee is checked and loaded.

A humvee is checked and loaded.




“Once all of the cargo arrived at the port and was remeasured, Ronald Barrar, Guam Detachment operations officer, was responsible for making up a stow plan for the ship,” Thomas said.
Barrar also helped supervise loading the ship.
“Ron was in charge of loading cargo on the weather deck, and I was in charge of loading the helos on the ‘tween deck,” said Frank Viray, 599th Trans. Bde. traffic management specialist. “General cargo containers were loaded on top of the ‘tween deck after the hatch was closed.”
Gregory Pangelinan, Guam Detachment traffic management specialist, checked the labels on cargo and vehicles, as they were loaded on the ship.
“We check the cargo as it comes onto the port and correct military shipping labels when necessary. Then we have to check it again as it is loaded. If there is a discrepancy, we have to find that item,” Pangelinan said.

Up and in.

Up and in.

Gregory “Ben” Benjamin was the contracting officer representative for the operation.
“This has been quite a week,” Benjamin said. “As the COR, I have been responsible for coordinating and making sure that everybody is synched up and working where they should be. Of course, I’m also responsible for making sure everything meets the terms of the contract.”
Benjamin praised contract stevedores for their support during receiving, staging and loadout.
Personnel from Fleet Logistics Center, Pearl Harbor, also helped with the operation.
“I’m very happy to re-establish the relationship that we started with FLC,” Thomas said. “I would like for us to make sure we reconnect and keep the relationship going there. It helps us both out to see the different types of operations that we have at Barbers Point versus Pearl Harbor.”
The 599th also supplied information management requirements at Barbers Point during the operation. Nick Rosse, information technology specialist worked at the port from July 28-Aug. 2.
“We took our BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) to the port to establish a local network,” Rosse said. “We didn’t have any problems with the handheld scanners that the transporters use to enter the label information into the computer, but we did have some trouble with our DGATES (Deployable Global Air Transportation Execution System) server. We were able to substitute another and upload the data.”
The ship arrived at 7 p.m. on July 31 and began loading at 7 a.m. on Aug. 1. The 599th completed loading operations at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 2, and the ship departed at 6:54 p.m.

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