500th MI brings Women’s Equality Day to Schofield

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A table display for Women's Equality Day.


Story and photo by Staff Sgt. David Padilla
500th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Women have made great contributions throughout our nation’s history.

From bringing water to Soldiers during the Revolutionary War to providing intelligence, supply, medical communications and administration support during World War II, women have played a vital role in our military history.

Women have been fighting for equality by demonstrating resiliency in overcoming obstacles and demonstrating their ability to accomplish any task.


Soldiers around woman dressed as Susan B. Anthony.

Susan B. Anthony (center, as portrayed by Spc. Ashley Strait, linguist, 715th MI Bn., 500th MI Bde.) helps Soldiers find the answers to their quiz questions, Tuesday, during the brigade’s Women’s Equality Day mobile exhibit, hosted by the 500th MI Bde. Equal Opportunity Team.

Susan B. Anthony (as portrayed by Spc. Ashley Strait, linguist, Headquarters Operations Company, 715th Military Intelligence Battalion, 500th MI Brigade) fought for women’s equality. This week, Anthony traveled forward in time and provided a firsthand account of her dedication to women’s suffrage, the abolition of slavery, the right for women to own property and advocating for women’s labor organizations.
The 500th MI Bde. Equal Opportunity team hosted the Women’s Equality Day mobile exhibit, here, Tuesday.

Sgt. 1st Class Matthew McGinn, equal opportunity leader, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 500th MI Bde., organized the mobile exhibit that traveled to various locations on Schofield Barracks.
“The goal of the mobile exhibit was to create as much awareness of Women’s Equality Day and women’s historical struggles for equal rights as possible among a variety of audiences,” McGinn said. “For this, we combined our mobile exhibit going to three separate locations with advertising through various means.”


Women's Equality Day mobile exhibit, Aug. 26.

Soldiers hunt for answers to thier quiz during the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade’s Equal Opportunity Team’s Women’s Equality Day mobile exhibit, Aug. 26.

The first stop was Martinez Physical Fitness Center to capture the attention of Soldiers before and after their physical readiness training sessions. The exhibit later moved to the Post Exchange, and ended at the Youth Center.

At each Schofield location, guests were quizzed on their knowledge about the women who played a major role in women’s equality.

“Nearly all of them interacted with Susan B. Anthony,” McGinn said. “Most people were unaware that there was a Women’s Equality Day, and regardless, if they had the time to take our quiz or not, seemed appreciative just learning that bit of  information.”

The exhibit created an opportunity for Soldiers to acknowledge how women throughout history have opened the doors for opportunity.
“If it wasn’t for them back in the day, we wouldn’t have been able to serve today,” said Pvt. Victoria May, 25th Transportation Co., 524th Trans. Bn.
Guests who elected to participate tested their knowledge on women’s history, and they were rewarded for their knowledge of women’s history with a door prize and the appreciation of women who have fought for equality.

“One of the bits of information listed on our display boards is that current research demonstrates that gender diversity helps societies perform better,” McGinn said. “I believe people knowing that objective research proves that gender equality and diversity is a good thing will make powerful ambassadors for change as they disperse in their own lives and communities, potentially in areas where women’s equality is not so prevalent. It goes far beyond just checking the block.”

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