Chapel Fest draws a crowd at MPC

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Keiki make it to the top of the rock wall challenge during the Chapel Fest at the Main Post Chapel, Saturday.

Keiki make it to the top of the rock wall challenge during the Chapel Fest at the Main Post Chapel, Saturday.

Chaplain (Maj.)
James Blount
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — August 23rd proved to be a fantastic day, here, as the chapel community enjoyed a great time of fun, food and fellowship at our Chapel Fest at the Main Post Chapel.

More than 1,200 people attended the event, which was created and conducted as an outreach to the community to let people know what the chapel community has to offer.

Chaplain (Col.) Robert Phillips, garrison chaplain, and his staff, along with a great number of outstanding volunteers, worked exceptionally well to put together the Chapel Fest, which lasted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Long lines began assembling before the 10 a.m. start, and they lasted until the 3 p.m. ending of this incredible event.
Some of the activities were rock climbing, various types of games, video games, face painting, bounce houses, dunking booth, basketball, Fire Department activities, making animal balloons and music.

We had a first-come, first-served program, where clothing was given away courtesy of Protestant Women of the Chapel, Catholic Women of the Chapel, and Mothers of Preschoolers.

The food was excellent, especially the very tasty grilled meats. There was also shaved ice and cotton candy that the kids attacked right off the bat.

The great thing about all these activities is that they were free!

What a pleasure it was to see so very many people coming together as one big military family. The mood was enjoyment through the meeting and making of new acquaintances and friends. There was evidence of pure joy on the faces of the children as they excitedly ran about.

The goals of the Chapel Fest are important because they promote, not only the programs and resources of the chapel community, but also family and social connectivity. Being part of a family and a community where you are socially connect leads to greater resiliency. We are far stronger together than we are apart.

We now hope, through this Chapel Fest outreach effort, there will be a heightened interest in what the chapel community, as a whole, can offer to our military community. Our hope is to reach those who have never been a part of the chapel community, as well as those who might be looking to return.
Our chapel community is open to all, and I believe that it is a great community where one can find resilience.

Finally, please know that Unit Ministry Teams, chaplains and chaplain assistants are there for you whenever you are in need. We can provide for your religious and spiritual support. We can point you to the right resources to help you. We are here to help you and your family.

Come and sit with us and talk with us. It is good sometimes to get things off your chest, so to speak. Don’t let things build up inside. We are good listeners.
Please be on the lookout for future events that we have for our military community.
(Editor’s note: Blount is the deputy chaplain at USAG-HI.)

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