Commissary Rewards Card marks 2nd year for digital coupons

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Cherie Huntington, Defense Commissary Agency

FORT LEE, Virginia — A second birthday might rate little more than a birthday cake, balloons and maybe a small gift or two.

For the second birthday of the Defense Commissary Agency’s Rewards Card in August, however, the party involves nearly 300,000 shoppers, with countless others invited to share in the savings.

Rewards Card

Rewards Card

The card opens the door to thousands of digital coupons redeemable at any commissary. With mobile applications available for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms, customers can access their account, review and select coupons, and find store information, such as hours of operation and phone numbers.

“Commissary shoppers may well be the most coupon-savvy shoppers in the world,” said Director of Sales Tracie Russ. “The Commissary Rewards Card delivers another way to save, in addition to paper coupons and on top of the commissary’s routine savings of 30 percent or more. On any given day, you can find an average of 160 coupons available for download, with new ones coming online daily.”

Card holders enjoy extra “insider” goodies as well, said Marye Carr, DeCA’s Rewards Card program manager, such as a recent sweepstakes with thousands of dollars in prizes, including an all expenses paid trip for four to Washington, D.C., for seven days. “We anticipate more special programs starting before the holidays, so we hope customers will enjoy these bonus offerings!” she said.

Carr said nearly 34 million coupons have been downloaded since the Rewards Card made its debut in 2012, delivering savings of nearly $5 million.

“I’ve always said, if you’re not using your Commissary Rewards Card, you’re throwing away money,” she said.

Using the card is simple: Pick up a card at the commissary, register it online, and select and load digital coupons. Then, when the cashier scans the card, the coupons are matched to items purchased and savings are deducted from the bill automatically.

Any card holder unable to download coupons may be one of an estimated 500,000 shoppers who need to complete or update their registration.

“Keep your card active to take advantage of as many coupons as you can,” said Carr.

Rewards Card digital coupons disappear from your account when they expire or are redeemed. Like paper coupons, digital coupons can’t be combined with other coupons on the same item, and they have expiration dates and other redemption terms and conditions.

Overseas, digital coupons will not be accepted for up to six months after expiration, as paper coupons are, because the coupons are instantly available to all customers worldwide.

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