Police Call: Rules of the road govern driving, parking

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Col Miller


Col. Duane Miller
Director, Emergency Services,
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade,
8th Theater Sustainment Command

Driving on the garrison is a privilege granted by the garrison commander.
Drivers must possess a valid driver’s license while driving. Incoming personnel are required to register privately owned vehicles through the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days of the vehicle’s arrival on island, according to garrison policy.

State vehicle registration requires annual renewal. All vehicles in Hawaii must also have annual safety inspections from a state-sponsored inspection site and display the appropriate sticker.

Aside from administrative requirements, personnel must follow local and state regulations, including U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii policy memorandums 14 and 16, for driving motor vehicles. Failure to comply with regulations puts drivers at risk of being cited and/or having their on-post driving privileges suspended.

The garrison commander, through the Community Compliance Office, has issued 237 driving suspensions this year alone. Suspensions vary from 14 days to five years, based on the offense. For a list of infractions that can result in suspended on-post driving privileges, reference USAG-HI Policy Memorandum 16, Annex A.

Suspensions include parking violations in addition to moving violations.
Since January, Military Police patrols have written 683 citations for parking infractions.

One common violation occurs when individuals attempt to sell vehicles in unauthorized parking lots. There is only one Resale Lot across USAG-HI where owners are authorized to place their vehicles on sale. The Resale Lot is located on Wheeler Army Airfield adjacent to Kawamura Gate.

The Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation is the only Garrison directorate that can authorize vehicle sales on this lot. Further, vehicles approved for sale require a permit issued through DFMWR prior to being placed in the lot.

If a vehicle is left in an unauthorized lot, the vehicle will be tagged with a notice, and if not moved within 72 hours, the vehicle will be treated as abandoned and impounded.

For more information regarding the Resale Lot, call 655-9368 or visit www.himwr.com/recreation-and-leisure/auto-skills-and-storage.

The following are excerpts of MP blotter entries:

•July 9, patrols observed a vehicle speeding 35 mph in a 25 zone. Upon stopping the vehicle, computer checks revealed that the safety and registration were valid, but the driver’s Ohio license had expired. The driver was apprehended, processed and issued one Central Violations Bureau (CVB) for no driver’s license, a citation for speeding and is pending a 90 day on-post driving suspension.

•Aug. 3, patrols were notified of vehicles racing down Trimble Road. One driver was issued a CVB for excessive speed and a ticket for no driver’s license. The other driver was issued one CVB for speeding 25 mph over the posted speed limit and one for no insurance, a ticket for expired safety and a ticket for expired registration. Both drivers are pending 90 day on-post driving suspensions.

USAG-HI Policy Memorandum

Installation-1 states that commanders are responsible for ensuring that vehicles comply with state laws. So far this year, MP patrols have written 758 citations for invalid registration, expired inspection and driver’s license infractions.

Due to the high volume of violations, MPs will be conducting frequent “Arrive Alive Awareness” campaigns at various locations throughout the garrison footprint to check vehicles for compliance with regulations. While an inconvenience, it is an important step in increasing safety for everyone.

Army Regulation 385-10, Chapter 11, requires that commanders ensure vehicle and licensing inspections occur every six months, at a minimum.


However, responsibility ultimately falls on individuals to ensure that they’re within the regulations for POVs and are following the rules of the road.

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