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National Preparedness Month — The lights are out and the wind is howling. Rain is pelting the windows, and when you look around, all you see is fear and uncertainty.

When disaster strikes, if you are properly prepared, there’s less stress for you and your loved ones. TRICARE offers guidance on disaster preparedness. Visit


Performance Triad — Soldiers, civilians and family members are invited to take a survey about the Performance Triad. Visit


Gov Sues For-Profit — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued for-profit college chain Corinthian Colleges, Inc. for its illegal predatory lending scheme. The Bureau alleges that Corinthian lured tens of thousands of students to take out private loans to cover expensive tuition costs by advertising bogus job prospects and career services. Corinthian then used illegal debt collection tactics to strong-arm students into paying back those loans while still in school.

To protect current and past students of the Corinthian schools, the Bureau is seeking to halt these practices and is requesting the court to grant relief to the students who collectively have taken out more than $500 million in private student loans.

The complaint against Corinthian can be found at http://files.consumerfinance./f/201409_cfpb_complaint_corinthian.pdf.


VA Learning Opportunities — Each year, more than 250,000 service members take off their uniform for the last time. And for those transitioning veterans, among the first questions they ask is “What’s next?”

To help answer the what’s next question, the Department of Veterans Affairs is introducing a plan to incorporate Accelerated Learning Programs (ALP) as a way to bridge the gap between veterans’ separation from service and successful civilian employment outcomes.

A roundtable discussion brought together key government agencies, education entrepreneurs and thought leaders, social impact subject matter experts and private sector employers to discuss the potential benefits of ALPs.

Next steps include additional research and evaluation of these nontraditional modes of education.


23 / Tuesday

Shafter Blood Drive — The blood collected, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at the 205th Military Intelligence Battalion (Bldg. 520) will support Tripler Army Medical Center needs, as well as weekly shipments to Afghanistan. All blood types needed, especially O negative.

Before you donate, drink lots of water, have a good breakfast, eat iron-rich foods and check your donor eligibility for medical/malaria risks.

Call 433-6699 or visit


24 / Wednesday

Hispanic Heritage North — Beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team’s Warrior Inn (Bldg. 2085, Aleshire Ave.) is the first of several themed meals to promote awareness, mutual respect and understanding of cultural foods for Hispanic Heritage Month, with educational displays, videos, artifacts and handouts.

Special meals will also be served Oct. 1 and 8, with the formal observation on Oct. 15. Call 655-4299.


26 / Friday

MP Ball — Attend the 73rd Military Police Anniversary Ball, 5 p.m., at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki Beach. Call 655-6812 for tickets and details.


29 / Monday

Fall Cleanup — A weeklong fall cleanup campaign begins for Schofield Barracks/Wheeler Army Airfield. All units, individual Soldiers, Army civilians and family members will be involved. Call 655-1750.




3 / Friday

HSO Closed — The Shafter Housing Services Office closes, reopening Oct. 8. The Schofield HSO (Bldg. 950, 215 Duck Road) will remain open to assist. Call 655-3073.


4 / Saturday

Flu Fighters — It’s flu season once again, and it’s time to get immunized. Tripler Family Medicine enrollees (6 months of age or older) may visit Family Medicine Clinic, 8 a.m.-noon, and again, Oct. 18, for their annual flu shot.

Protect yourself and everyone around you. Fight the flu!


9 / Thursday

Hispanic Heritage South — Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on the Grand Lanai at the Hickam Officers Club, 10 a.m., hosted by the 94th Army and Air Missile Defense Command.


11 / Saturday

Living History Day — See history come to life at the Tropic Lightning Museum. Call 655-0438.




Challenge? — There have been a few instances on Oahu where Soldiers have done the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in uniform or Army civilians have taken the challenge in their official capacities on post, in a unit area or identifying themselves with their official title, and then posting videos. However, according to the Staff Judge Advocate, doing so constitutes an improper endorsement of a private organization.


Homeless Veterans — On Tuesday, Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, released a new national estimate of veteran homelessness. Data collected during the annual Point-in-Time Count conducted in January shows there were 49,933 homeless veterans in America, a decline of 33 percent (or 24,837 people) since 2010. This quantity includes a nearly 40 percent drop in the number of veterans sleeping on the street.


Student Veterans — To better protect service members, veterans and their family members who are attending college, the departments of Veterans Affairs, Defense and Education, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, signed an agreement to carry out a comprehensive strategy to strengthen our enforcement and compliance work.

This new agreement is part of a larger effort to prevent abusive and deceptive recruiting practices by schools serving service members, veterans, spouses and other family members. This includes working to ensure that these service members and others have the right information to make informed choices with their education benefits and that colleges are providing these students high-quality academic and student support.

Visit to read the agreement.


Platelets — The Tripler Blood Donor Center needs donations of platelets, which are essential to saving lives as a component of blood that helps to stop bleeding. Donors may watch TV or read while they’re donating. Call 433-6148 for details.


CFC — The Combined Federal Campaign is the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with more than 150 CFC national and international campaigns raising millions of dollars each year. Defense Department employees nationwide have the opportunity to give to the DOD campaign through Dec. 15.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed his unwavering support for the campaign and strongly encourages members of the workforce to participate in any way they can.

Learn more in the special report, Combined Federal Campaign at

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