HPU offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

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Hawaii Pacific University
News Release

HONOLULU — As an extension to its noted nursing programs, Hawaii Pacific University has added a new pathway for military medical personnel who want to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

“The new pathway, the LVN/LPN (licensed vocational/practical nurse) or (medic)-to-BSN track, provides an opportunity for (medics) to take a national standardized exam to demonstrate equivalence in training and education to a licensed vocational nurse,” said Dr. Lynette Landry, dean of HPU’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences. “This means that the (medic) who passes the exam will be required to take courses that are equivalent to those required of an LVN/LPN who is seeking RN (registered nurse) licensure. For both LVNs and (medics), there are now standardized exams that they can opt to take instead of our required courses.”

This requirement allows an LVN or medic, who has been working or who has had coursework in specific content areas, a way to demonstrate knowledge and receive academic credit without taking the course.

This new pathway can be integral in filling the increased demand for BSN-prepared nurses across care settings, including hospital, primary care, home health, hospice and public health.

“Currently, there is also a lessening demand for LVNs, and so this pathway was created to provide an opportunity for the LVNs and (medics) to gain the educational preparation needed to be competitive in the job market or graduate school applications,” Landry added.

The new pathway is for applicants who are HPU students and transfer students from Hawaii and the mainland who received (medic) training while serving in the military.

HPU is hoping to have their first class of these students in the spring 2015 semester.

HPU has one of the largest baccalaureate nursing programs in Hawaii and continues to play a critical role in meeting the growing nursing needs of hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities around the state. In addition to its degree programs, the college offers specialized certificates in transcultural nursing and forensic nursing.

HPU’s undergraduate and graduate nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

HPU Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Applications to the program close on Oct. 15. Active component medics (or veterans), and LVN/LPNs with a Hawaii license, are eligible to apply. Call 236-5849.

To learn about receiving academic credit based on military medical experience, visit www.acenet.edu/news-room/Pages/Military-Guide-Online.aspx.

(Editor’s note: According to Dr. Pamela Almeida, BSN department chair, HPU, the program was established for Navy corpsmen and that name remains. Army medics may also participate, with many of them receiving credit toward their degrees based on their experience as Soldiers. In this HPU news release, “corpsman” was replaced by “medic,” in parenthesis, for clarity.)


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