Parking on post is all about that space

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Col Miller


Col. Duane Miller
Director, Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade
8th Theater Sustainment Command


While garrison leaders recognize the high volume of vehicles that travel through, and park on, the installations, daily, the Directorate of Emergency Services is requesting support at all levels to reduce the number of parking infractions.

The leaders understand that, with a servicing population of over 102,000, there may not be adequate parking spaces near where you want to park. However, due to the small size of the individual installations, it isn’t possible to provide additional parking spaces.

All employees and visitors on the installation are encouraged to walk, bike or carpool to their desired destination. Doing so will help alleviate the parking congestion, as well as some of the frustrations of not being able to find a close spot.

DES receives multiple parking complaints on a daily basis. The complaints come from every imaginable location. Between July and September, there were 157 parking violations on garrison installations.

Policy Memorandum USAG-HI-14 regulates parking on the installation. Its purpose is to establish a policy that promotes the most efficient use of on- and off-street parking, and details how it achieves this goal.

The memo states that all vehicles will park only in marked parking stalls and will adhere to posted time limits when applicable. There is an exception for motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds: Individuals may park in striped parking areas generally located at the end of parking lanes.

The memo strictly prohibits individuals from parking any type of vehicle in various places, including sidewalks, crosswalks, grassed or seeded areas, along yellow or red curbs, on yellow or white marked roadways, and more.

Parking outside of designated areas impedes the flow of traffic and can cause unwanted congestion and accidents.

There are 12 specified prohibited parking areas listed in the policy memorandum. The only time parking is permitted in these areas is when it’s necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, at the direction of law enforcement personnel or when specified by an official traffic control device.

In addition to parking in marked stalls, personnel must ensure that they do not park in stalls marked for other purposes, such as handicapped or reserved parking stalls. Parking spaces marked “Handicapped” are for the exclusive use of personnel who are handicapped and display a state-issued permit or a Tripler Army Medical Center-issued temporary decal for handicapped parking.

Parking in marked reserved stalls is prohibited from 6 a.m.-6 p.m., daily, or while the activity is operational (e.g., the Commissary or Post Exchange). Individuals may park in a reserved stalls outside of these hours, except under special circumstances.

Violators of parking regulations on garrison installations are subject to a ticket. Violators of handicapped parking regulations will be issued a Central Violations Bureau Summons and are subject to fines.

Additionally, according to Policy Memorandum USAG-HI-16, the receipt of four parking tickets within one year will result in the suspension of an individual’s on-post driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days.

While finding a front row parking spot can be convenient, parking illegally could cause more problems than benefits. Consider whether walking a few hundred extra feet to and from your vehicle is worth it as opposed to walking everywhere because your driving privileges are suspended!

Police Call Roll-up

The following occurred on U.S. Army-Hawaii installations, Sept. 15-26:


•Traffic Violations

14 driving without insurance

10 speeding

2 no driver’s license

2 suspended license

39 safety

38 parking

25 registration

12 mobile device

10 stop sign

10 no license/permit in vehicle

8 speeding

7 failure to use seatbelt

6 limitations on backing

37 miscellaneous moving violations


  • Other Violations

4 driving under the influence

9 larceny of private property

15 domestic violence

3 unauthorized entry

2 drugs

4 wrongful property damage

2 unattended children



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