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Exercising too late in the day can impact sleep. (File photo)

Exercising too late in the day can impact sleep. (File photo)

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The 26-week Performance Triad challenge is now entering its final month.
There are still many tips and insights to help meet sleep, activity and nutrition goals.

B6_PerformanceTriadSleep Goal
Try exercising earlier in the day (at least three hours before you go to bed) if you have difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep after nighttime exercise.

Activity Goal
Make sure that you stretch before and after each workout. Breath regularly throughout the exercises.

Nutrition Goal
Check the Nutrition Facts label for beverages, too. Look out for total sugar, fat and calories.

Nutrition Online Support
Try a food label website or app for your smartphone. Kids particularly like to use the Fooducate App found on This free app will grade food products with a letter grade and provide alternative products that score higher.
Check out the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s videos on reading and understanding Nutrition Facts and labels at ingLabeling/LabelingNutrition/ucm275409.htm.

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