Police Call: DES notes updates to installation access policy

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Col Miller



Col. Duane R. Miller
Director, Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade,
8th Theater Sustainment Command


In the last 12 months, the Army has reviewed, updated and emphasized standards and policies for vetting and credentialing individuals seeking access to Army installations.

Under these updates, some service providers and frequent visitors without DOD-issued photo identification cards are required to complete a background check.

This policy has been in effect since its inception, but an additional system of record will be used to conduct the checks. None of these changes will affect the majority of personnel entering our installations.

The policy does not affect those visiting for one-time special events, such as graduations, concerts and changes of command, or individuals under 18 years old.

Visitors requiring access less than once a week may still conduct personal business or visit family and friends without any change to the process for gaining access. Additionally, passengers of DOD-issued photo identification cardholders will see no changes in the process for gaining access to the installation; however, they’ll still be required to present a valid, government-issued ID when they enter the installation.

The updated policy pertains primarily to contractors, subcontractors, vendors and individuals who visit U.S. Army-Hawaii installations at least once a week. It does not apply to those visiting one-time events to conduct business, attend concerts and changes of command or to individuals under 18 years old.

Previously, background checks were conducted only against national and international top 10 wanted lists and local crime records. An additional check is now conducted through the FBI-sponsored National Crime Information Center database to determine if there is any credible information that would indicate if an individual might present a threat to the good order and discipline, or health and safety on an installation.

Such derogatory information includes, but is not limited to the following:

•Individuals whose claim identity cannot be verified and individual who has submitted fraudulent information.

•Individual has a current arrest warrant, regardless of the offense or violations.

•Individual is currently barred entry or access to a federal installation or activity.

•Individual has a felony conviction within the past 10 years, regardless of the offense or violation.

The result of the background check will determine if access is granted and receipt of an Army-Hawaii pass may be issued. The length of the pass is not to exceed six months, and its duration is determined by the sponsoring activity.

Contractors, subcontractors and vendors will be denied access to garrison installations should the background checks contain credible derogatory information, and they’ll be notified in writing via certified mail.

Those denied access may request a waiver to the garrison commander by complying with the instructions outlined in the written notification; the commander will notify the individual, in writing, with a final determination.

Contractors, subcontractors and vendors should contact their companies’ human resource manager or their DOD-sponsoring activity for further information on the background screening and pass application process.

As always, we thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process, which helps maintain public safety.


Here’s information for DOD sponsoring activities:

•Directorate of Emergency Services, Visitor Control Center, 655-1620.

•Directorate of Public Works, 656-2371.

•Directorate of Human Resources, 655-4662.

•AAFES Exchange, 423-8632.

•Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation, 656-0037.

•Logistics Readiness Center (LRC), 656-2402.

Those who aren’t contractors, subcontractors or vendors should contact the DES Visitor Control Center at 655-1620.




The following occurred on USARHAW installations, Nov. 14-24:


Schofield Barracks and Surrounding Installations:                                    Traffic and Other Violations:

2 – Assaults

30 – Expired safety inspection

8 – Domestic disturbances

20 – Driving using a cell phone

9 – Duty upon striking

17 – Failure to use seat belt

8 – Limitations on backing

13 – Speeding

4 – Larcenies

12 – Expired registration

4 – Wrongful damaging of property

12 – Failure to stop at stop sign

2 – Unlawful entry to a motor vehicle

12 – Misc. moving violations

2 – Unlawful forced entry

11 – No driver’s license

2 – Larceny of a vehicle

5 – Parking

3 – Defective vehicle equipment

Fort Shafter and Surrounding Installations:                                               


2 – Unlawful entry to a motor vehicle

1 – Loud noise

1 – Fire prevention

1 – Damage to property





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