Under Secretary of the Army visits Hawaii

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The Honorable Brad Carson,  undersecretary of the Army, observes a JOTC demonstration at the Lightning Academy's East Range Training Complex.

The Honorable Brad Carson, undersecretary of the Army, observes a JOTC demonstration at the Lightning Academy’s East Range Training Complex.


Staff Sgt. Matthew Ryan
25th Infantry Division


SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — Soldiers were pulling security on a ridge line deep in the jungle when the squad leader gave the command to start hoisting a loaded, tactical Sked rescue system up a 50-foot ravine.

One by one, the four Soldiers maneuvered into position and set up the hoisting system of pulleys and ropes.

Slowly and safely, the team pulled the Sked, with Soldier, up a steep hill through the dense jungle terrain, until he reached the ridge line and was secured by the team to finish the demonstration.

Jungle Operations Training Course (JOTC) cadre, from the 25th Infantry Division, recently hosted this demonstration for the second-highest ranking civilian in the Army: Under Secretary of the Army Brad R. Carson.

“The ability to operate in the jungle is important, not only for troops aligned with Pacific Command, but also potentially for those working in Africa and other places around the world,” Carson said.

The 31st under secretary visited Oahu to conduct a tour of Army installations, here, to get a first-hand view of capabilities of the units and to meet with Soldiers.


During his tour, here, Carson met with Tropic Lightning Soldiers during a luncheon to discuss the family conditions and the effects of recent updates to Army policies and regulations. After lunch, he toured Schofield to gain an insight on conditions of the infrastructure and troop space that impact daily operations.

After the tour of the post, he visited the Lightning Academy, where he observed a demonstration by the cadre of the JOTC, displaying just one of the many capabilities and skills taught throughout the course.

The JOTC is part of the 25th ID regional alignment with the Pacific Command and the Department of Defense’s rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region.

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