500th MI hosts prayer breakfast

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The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade and other participants attend the prayer breakfast. (Courtesy Photo)

The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade and other participants attend the prayer breakfast. (Courtesy Photo)

Maj. Latosha Floyd
500th Military Intelligence Brigade

Soldiers and civilians from the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade gathered to observe the Brigade’s quarterly prayer breakfast on Thursday, Jan. 8th.

Attendees were greeted with prelude music by the Schofield Barracks Catholic Chapel Choir, a welcome introduction from brigade Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Moras, and a breakfast at the 8th Theater Sustainment Command and 45th Sustainment Brigade Consolidated Dining Facility.

After the meal,  Soldiers and civilians listened to scripture readings, led by the Brigade Command Judge Advocate, Maj. Chris Callicott, from the Bible’s Old Testament and New Testament that describe the impact of words on our neighbors and on us.

They then participated in prayers for the military families, the armed forces, for the nation and for  world peace led by Staff Sgt. Courtney Jordan, Mark Sheahan, Sharon Cofer and Staff Sgt. Elkia Tisby, respectively.

The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade hosted the prayer breakfast. (Courtesy Photo)

The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade hosted the prayer breakfast. (Courtesy Photo)

The prayer breakfast focused on the brigade’s quarterly Health of the Command theme, “Words Matter.”  Maj. Gen. George J. Franz III, commander, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security, served as guest speaker and threaded the theme into his discussion on the principles of mission command.

The 500th MI Bde. commander, Col. Patrick Wempe, introduced Maj. Gen. Franz to the Soldiers, civilians and family members in attendance. Instead of making an entrance by walking to the podium, Franz stood amongst the crowd and spoke from his heart with very few notes.

“The key principle of mission command is building cohesive teams through mutual trust,” said Franz.

According to Franz, trust is built at the “person-to-person” level and starts with each individual Soldier.

Franz reflected on the individual Soldier and how he should approach personal and professional challenges. Each Soldier will determine whether to use a positive or negative approach to any situation. How we choose to describe or discuss things and to use our words in general, matters, and our choices will directly impact the level of trust that our peers, leaders and subordinates place in us.

“The mission command philosophy is based on treating people right and getting the most from each interaction,” stated Franz.

He elaborated on how every Soldier must treat himself with respect in order to provide that same respect to others. Equilibrium with work and personal life is the best place to start.

In order to get the most from professional and personal relationships, Soldiers must ensure that they have the energy and time to devote to the things that are most important.

Throughout his talk, Franz shared his own and others’ professional and spiritual anecdotes with the audience. He concluded with the following advice to help audience members become resilient: Prioritize your professional and personal priorities and purposefully delegate your available time to those things that are important and that make you resilient, he said.

James Andrade and Alika Andrade, from the Catholic Chapel Choir, were presented with Certificates of Appreciation for their musical support to the program.

The closing remarks and a benediction were provided by Chaplain Moras.


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