Gravel is new drug causing deterioration in tissue

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J.M. Miller, Army Substance Abuse Program Hawaii
Directorate of Human Resources
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

It’s a new year, and there’s a new drug – gravel.

Gravel – yes, it looks like gravel from a driveway – is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant that is an emerging drug of abuse similar to bath salts.

The drug gravel

The drug gravel

Gravel is often used in combination with other drugs and can be injected or smoked.

Short-term effects of gravel abuse are increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, violence, paranoia, hallucinations and brain damage.

Since gravel is relatively new, long-term effects have not been documented. There have been reports of serious deterioration in physical appearance after consistent abuse of the drug.

The injection of gravel can result in the deterioration of tissue in and around the injection site, leaving gaping holes in the body tissue that can be inches deep.

Gravel is not a common drug of choice in Hawaii, but it has seen increased usage in the mainland, especially in the southern region of the United States.

The Drug Enforcement Administration lists alpha-PVP, one of the substances found in gravel, as a Schedule I controlled substance analog, similar to other synthetic drugs like bath salts.

Take A STAND! logo

Take A STAND! logo

Law enforcement testing confirms that rat poison and ammonium nitrate are also utilized to dilute the alpha-PVP.

Gravel is a new synthetic drug that is cheap and easy to get; however, it can also kill you.

Take a STAND! Use gravel where it was intended – as a driveway.

(Note: Miller is the prevention coordinator at ASAP.)

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