PCS season can be a time of uncertainty

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Chaplain (Maj.) Scott Kennaugh
3rd Brigade Combat Team
25th Infantry Division


A plaque in my friend’s kitchen testifies, “When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take that step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen: There will be something solid for us to stand on, or we will be taught how to fly.”

Life in the military is often like that, and while it may seem slanted to talk about walking in darkness while we’re stationed in Hawaii – the land of rainbows and perpetual summer weather – life in the Army provides enough uncertainty and strain that sometimes we may not get to see the light, even though we know that the sun shines every day.

It’s permanent change of station season, after all, which means Soldiers and their families are preparing to depart for the unknown darkness of a new assignment, or arriving here to the unknown darkness of a unit in the land of aloha.

It’s also coming up on budget season, with the uncertainty of the next fiscal year and the effects that may have on jobs and programs and family livelihoods. And even when life here becomes familiar and clear, we are still a long way from home and the rest of our families and loved ones, which can also bring us to the edge of the light.

During these times, we must step forward in faith and support each other through prayer in the fellowship of community. Faith is not simply a wandering in the dark, hoping for the best. Faith is based on confidence – as the quote above points out – believing with certainty that God does not leave us alone, but knows us and loves us, and acts in our favor even through days and nights that seem dark in our souls.

And faith should never be alone. God calls us into community to support each other, to take that step forward together. He’s someone who will walk with you and someone you can walk alongside, too.

Each of us should pray for solid footing or else wings to bear us up. Pray for ourselves and for each other. Each of us needs a place to belong with others who are taking the same steps out of the edge of the light we know.

The chapels are one safe place where Soldiers and families are walking together, praying for each other and coming closer to God as they seek the next step ahead in faith.

At times, God works for us in ways we don’t expect. And sometimes he works through people we don’t expect or even know, yet! More often, he gives us the chance to sustain each other.

In our units, we stand together. At home, one family carries another through.

You may need somebody solid one dark day, or you may become the wings that lift a friend into the daylight.

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