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A cadet from Roosevelt High School rappels down a 60-footwall during a JROTC leadership challenge on East Range, here, Tuesday. Bill Ackerly
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FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas — Leader development is a top priority as the Army seeks to maintain a competitive edge in a continually uncertain and complex world.

How does any organization, including the Army, actually go about developing leaders?

With the publication of Field Manual 6-22, “Leader Development,” the Army is helping its leaders understand how to develop other leaders, their units and themselves.

Intended for leaders at brigade level and below, FM 6-22 integrates doctrine, experience and best practices, drawing upon applicable Army doctrine and regulations, input of successful Army commanders and noncommissioned officers, recent Army leadership studies and research on effective practices from the private and public sectors.

FM 6-22 introduces five tenets of leader development enduring principles that give leader development a positive effect regardless of techniques and practices. It aligns with the enduring leadership concepts within Army Doctrine Publication 6-22 and Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-22.

“In bringing doctrine to life, a platform-neutral application (LeaderMap) was developed to enhance the understanding of the doctrine with additional multi-media material,” said Brig. Gen. Bill Burleson, director, Mission Command Center of Excellence. “LeaderMap illustrates key leader development concepts by leveraging existing content from videos and handbooks developed by the Center for Army Leadership (CAL).”

“FM 6-22 provides guidance on planning and integrating leader development into unit operations without adding unnecessarily to its workload,” said Dr. Jon Fallesen, a CAL division chief. “FM 6-22 also provides performance indicators and study and practice ideas to improve over 50 different aspects of leadership.”

According to FM 6-22, “The Army depends upon itself to develop adaptable leaders able to achieve mission accomplishment in dynamic, unstable and complex environments. A robust, holistic leader development program is essential. … Leader development is fundamental to our Army – leader development is the deliberate, continuous, sequential and progressive process – founded in Army values – that grows Soldiers and Army civilians into competent and confident leaders capable of decisive action.”

Leader Development

FM 6-22 is available in the Army Publishing Directorate in a pdf and in an eReader format for download as an ePUB to commercial mobile devices. ePUBs provide better viewing, are scalable to the mobile device’s screen, no matter the size, and mirror the authenticated pdf on the APD. Visit

LeaderMap is available through the Central Army Registry by typing LeaderMap into the search function. LeaderMap is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems. Mac and PC desktop versions are also available. Visit

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