3-4th Cav. to host spur ride

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SSG Daniel Cooper, a PSG in Blackfoot Troop, pinning on Spurs of 1LT Nathan Sitterley, a former PL in Blackfoot Troop during the Orders of the Spur Ceremony after 3-4 CAV’s Spur Ride in 2014.

3-4th Cav. troopers receive their spurs after 2014 spur ride.

1st Lt. Nathan Sitterley
3rd Brigade Combat Team
25th Infantry Division


SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — In less than 30 days, the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry will once again be hosting the illustrious spur ride on East Range Training Area, here, Sept. 10-11.

The spur ride is an event designed to test the tactical skill, historical knowledge, physical stamina, and mental agility of cavalrymen. To be inducted into the Order of the Spurs means that the Soldier has proven him as a cavalry leader.

The cavalry warfighter is a mounted (or dismounted) warrior who can execute missions with little or no information of the battlefield. He does this in order to help build a better picture of the enemy and to paint a clear understanding of the terrain for the brigade commander.

The spur ride is executed as a team-building event for up to a dozen Soldiers in six different squads. Lane walkers, ranging from experienced non-commissioned officers to seasoned company grade officers, constantly evaluate the spur candidates as they maneuver throughout different reconnaissance focused lanes.

Several Soldiers have already turned to the squadron’s spur charter and their dusty FM 3.20-98 (reconnaissance field manual) to help refresh recon tasks.

“This event is designed to challenge the spur candidates,” said 1st Lt. Ryan Fessenden, a prior platoon leader in Blackfoot Troop. “It will require troopers to think on their feet, apply the fundamentals they’ve been taught and pushes their limits. There is nothing worth getting if you do not earn it through hard work and determination.”

Some of the stations consist of vehicle link-up and recovery; route reconnaissance with route overlays/ reports; setting up an OE-254 antenna; and an overall dismounted movement to cover approximately 25 miles throughout uneven terrain.

The selection for potential spur candidates has already gone underway. Selecting the right spur candidates brings honor to troop and improve “esprit de corps” throughout the squadron as well.

“I want to make this event challenging and meaningful so Soldiers will remember and talk about it for years to come,” said Lt. Col Daniel Mark, commander, 3-4th Cav..

(Editor’s note: Sitterley is the plans officer for the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division.)


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