TAMC Tip: Nutrition

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B5_TAMC Tip on Nutrition

If you’re trying to drop weight, start by dropping the sugary drinks.

Sports drinks may provide electrolytes necessary for exercise, but they also deliver a considerable dose of calories from sugar.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are exercising less than 60 minutes, eat regular meals, which provide electrolytes, and replace fluids with water.

If exercising longer than 60 minutes and/or in very hot environments, consider using a low or no sugar sports drink. These provide electrolytes without providing an abundance of liquid calories that may hinder your weight loss efforts.

Other sugary drinks to replace or get rid of include sweet tea, lemonade, sugar sweetened energy drinks or soda, and even fruit juices. For instance, it takes 4-5 oranges to make a small 8-ounce glass of orange juice, but you don’t get the same fullness from drinking the juice as you do eating 4-5 oranges. Yet, you get all the sugar.

Instead, try low sugar or no sugar versions of your favorite drinks, eat the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice or slice up some citrus fruits and infuse into your water or seltzer water.
(Submitted by Capt. William R. Conkright)

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