‘Salt’ can makes a difference in workplace, homes

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Chaplain (Capt.) Curtis
8th Special Troops Battalion
8th Theater Sustainment Command

In ancient times, salt was extremely important.

It was used for preserving and flavoring food.



Salt was added to food to help remove the moisture and keep it from spoiling. It was also added to food to enhance the flavor.

This characteristic of preserving and flavoring also applies to the difference you and I can make wherever God has placed us, and it doesn’t matter what rank or position we have.

When the words “you are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13) were first used, they applied to the common people. The first hearers had to be amazed when they were called the “salt of the earth.” They did not have political influence, important titles or social status. They were simple people who, in God’s eyes, had the potential to make a great difference in their society. The same is true today.

How can we be a preservative? In the natural environment, minus the salt, food would spoil. The salt made all the difference.

What difference do we make in our environment? Are things different because we are there?

We can preserve our workplace, home or office by taking a stand against behaviors that degrade our environment. In my own home, my wife and I are doing our best to encourage our kids to speak positively to one another – not an easy task. We can speak out against negative behavior wherever it occurs.

How can we add flavor to our surroundings? A little bit of salt can make all the difference.

Do we bring joy to our surroundings? When was the last time you complimented someone? Does your attitude make for a better environment?

What we say and how we say it can make a huge difference. The expression on our face can also make a difference. Just the other day a person in my office told me I looked stressed. Maybe I was, but it reminded me that others notice how I look.

My challenge is for us to see ourselves as those who can make a difference. Our contribution to our surroundings is not based on our position or title. It comes from our willingness to speak and act against bad behavior and bringing a positive influence to our environment.

Lets’ be the salt that preserves and brings flavor to our surroundings.

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