599th Trans. offloads Marine equipment returning from ‘down under’

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599th Trans. offloads Marine equipment returning from ‘down under’

The 599th Transportation Brigade and Fleet Logistics Center Pearl
Harbor offload the Thorco Conquest during discharge operations Nov. 2 at Pearl Harbor.

Story and photos by Donna Klapakis
599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs

PEARL HARBOR — The 599th Transportation Brigade teamed up with Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor to offload the Marine Corps’ cargo and equipment from the ship Thorco Conquest, here, Monday.

Because the ship arrived Sunday at 7 p.m., it couldn’t be offloaded until the next morning, said Elizabeth Jimenez, terminal division director at Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor.

“We had our safety briefing at 6:30 a.m. The unlashing was finished, and we began offloading the ship at 8 a.m.,” said Jimenez.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Justin Rehm is the mobility officer for Marine Aircraft Group 24 at Kaneohe Bay.

“This equipment is returning from Marine Rotational Force-Darwin,” Rehm said. “It belongs to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463.”

Rehm said the equipment originally left Hawaii in April for a six-month deployment to Darwin, Australia.

“The discharge will finish today and then we’ll take it back to K-Bay later this week,” Rehm said. “The rest of the equipment the unit used during its deployment has already returned. This is the final shipment,” he added.

Any Marine unit could be deployed to work for the next cycle, said Rehm, because Darwin is a Marine Forces Pacific initiative.

The ship has two cranes; however, because of the relatively small size of the discharge, only one was used for the move, said John Manahane, 599th traffic management specialist.

Photos by Donna Klapakis, 599th Transportation Brigade Public Affairs Stevedores steady U.S. Marine Corps' equipment Nov. 2 as it is lifted off Thorco Conquest during a discharge operation at Pearl Harbor.

Stevedores steady Marine Corps equipment, Nov. 2 as it is
lifted off of the cargo vessel Thorco Conquest.

Manahane said in addition to overseeing the operation, 599th personnel also checked cargo as it came off the ship.

Capt. Timothy Shelby, command operations center chief, acted as the deployment and distribution management team officer in charge for the offload.

“The operation was a complete success with no safety issues. The 599th Trans. Bde. Soldiers who worked the operation performed extremely well. They were an integral part in discharging and accounting for all equipment,” Shelby said.

“It was a very smooth, joint operation. All elements – the Marines, Navy and Army –acted together for a seamless port operation,” he continued.

Pavel Ivanov, chief officer of the Thorco Conquest, said, to his knowledge, this is the first shipment the ship has made on behalf of the U.S. military.

“We loaded the ship in Australia, Oct. 10. This voyage was uneventful, but not smooth,” Ivanov said. “We had 3-meter swells during the trip.”

Although the ship’s company had planned to change crew at Pearl Harbor, because of restrictions there, they will have to wait until the next port of call, said Ivanov.

Shelby said, in all, 57 pieces were offloaded. The operation finished Monday at 2:05 p.m.

According to the ship’s website, the Thorco Conquest is a 142.63-meter, lift-on lift-off, uncelled, multipurpose vessel that is strengthened for heavy cargo. It can hold 14,694.72 cubic meters of cargo.

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