Worldwide military health survey launches

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Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
News Release

FALLS CHURCH, Virginia — The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs has announced the 2015 Health Related Behaviors Survey (HRBS) will be launched by the RAND Corporation, starting the week of Nov. 16th.

DOD has asked the independent, nonprofit RAND Corporation to design, field and analyze this anonymous, Web-based survey, and ICF International will assist with data collection.

Active component and Coast Guard members will be randomly selected to complete an anonymous health survey via the Internet. The HRBS has been conducted approximately every three years since 1980 and is used to measure the health-related behaviors and lifestyles of military personnel who have the potential to impact readiness.

To protect service members’ privacy, the survey is anonymous. This means that service members will not be asked for their name or other personal identifiers on the survey. No one, including DOD or its contractors, will link participants’ individual survey responses with names, other personal identifiers or military records.

DOD, RAND and ICF will not know who has completed the survey and who has not. These procedures are in place to encourage service members to participate in the survey without fear that anyone will match answers back to names.

“Through this anonymous survey, our experts are able to uncover those issues that may affect the health and well-being of our service members,” said Dr. Jonathon Woodson, assistant secretary for Health Affairs and director, TMA. “Information gleaned from the survey is used to ensure we are providing the right kinds of guidance on services, programs and support essential to maintaining a ready force, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice.”

For those who will be asked to participate, a secure email invitation will be sent together with several follow-up reminders by mail and email to complete the survey.

The survey will likely take 40 minutes to complete, and service members are asked to be as candid as possible when responding.

Although participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, service members should recognize its importance and find time to sit down privately to answer these health-related questions. The survey can be completed using a government computer during duty hours or at home.

As in past years, a summary report with the survey results will be posted to the DOD website as soon as the final report is ready.

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