TAMC Tip: Unregulated Supplements

| January 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

PRMCNot all supplements are bad, but there are a large number of supplements that are unregulated in their production.

Supplements should be thought of as something to optimize the last bit of performance – not as a starting point.

Supplements require a change to the diet and lifestyle factors to accompany their use.

If a supplement makes a promise, note that could be a huge red flag!

If you are at a point where supplement use makes sense, you should ensure you purchase a reputable, good quality, supplement by looking for one of the good manufacturing practices labels on the product, such as “NSF,” “USP” and “Consumer Lab labels.”

Contact your primary care manager for more information if you have questions or would like to start using supplements, but are unsure of which and what supplements to use.

A great online resource for more information on supplements is http://hprconline.org/.
(Information provided by Capt. William Conkright, chief, Nutrition Outpatient Clinic, Tripler Army Medical Center.)

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