Voting is our right and responsibility

| January 29, 2016 | 2 Comments
Photo by Angie Dizon, Installation Voting Assistance Officer Hawaii Personnel register to vote during a November 2015 voting drive at the Schofield Exchange.

Personnel register to vote during a November 2015 voting drive at the Schofield Exchange.

Story and photo by Angelita Dixon
Installation Voting Assistance Office
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii

Often, we complain about new policies and initiatives in our communities.

Sometimes, we wonder why one community is more progressive than others.

Taxpayers get upset about who should get tax breaks and debate issues relating to immigration, environment, health care, education, taxes and school policies.

Where do you stand? Will your opinion matter?

Yes, it does. All of our opinions matter and every vote counts. It matters if we register and vote. We can all make a difference.

As Americans, we are lucky to live in this great democratic nation. We’ve been given these rights, that same privilege that is not afforded to other peoples of the world. We can participate in the way we would like our country to be shaped, not just for us, but for our children and our futures.

Lucky Americans, for we have that democracy that people in other nations are dying to have. We have the opportunity to speak up and cast our ballots. We have the right to raise our voice and be heard.

America has facilities, voting equipment and trained personnel in every state, to include assistance for military, family members and civilians overseas through absentee ballot and online processing. Even resources are readily available for Soldiers assigned to combat zones so that they are be able to vote.

We should bear in mind that we owe this to our country. It’s our responsibility as citizens to participate in the shaping of our nation and to make America forever great.

If you’re new to Schofield Barracks or Fort Shafter and aren’t registered to vote, or if you’re required to update your information with your local election officials, then complete an SF 76, a Federal Post Card Application Form, and mail or email it to your home residence in order to receive your absentee ballot.

If you’re separating from the Army and heading back home, complete a Voter Registration Application and mail/email it to your local election official. The form is available through the Schofield Barracks Installation Voting Assistance Office.

Remember, voting it is our right and responsibility. Let’s vote, America!

Schofield Barracks Installation Voting Assistance Office

Stop by the garrison IVAO, in the Soldiers Support Center, Bldg. 750, Rm. 102, weekdays (except Thursdays), 8 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information, call 655-5546 or visit

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  1. Boyd Ready says:

    On March 8th the Presidential primary election selecting delegations pledged to candidates for the Presidential nomination at the National Convention will be held at multiple sites all over the State.
    Any eligible voter can participate by signing a Republican card on the spot, and, if not registered, a voter registration form. By Hawaii law anyone residing in Hawaii for 3 months or more is eligible to vote.
    Near Schofield Barracks there are voting locations at: Waialua High School, Wahiawa Elementary, Mililani Mauka Elementary School, August Ahrens Elementary (Waipahu), Kapolei Middle School, Campbell HS (Ewa Beach) and Nanakuli Beach Park. All locations are listed here:

  2. Seniors says:

    The U.S. election campaign always comes down to two choices. Everyone knows America is broken. Traditional career politicians broke the America we have today. Candidates using fear and lies as a tactic to stay the course are themselves afraid and broken. Fear and lies will never make America great. Having a vision of greatness will! Americans are done living in a broken America. The realities are obvious; Clinton is to the past as Trump is to the future. Americans with a vision for a greater American will vote for Trump. Trump will make America great again. It really is that simple.
    There is still plenty of time. The dust will settle. The general election is on November 8. Vote to make America great again. Don’t let fear and lies cloud your vote. Vote for whomever you believe in. Never waste a vote by not voting. It is a privilege, honor and personal responsibility to vote. Please vote.

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