EEO notes African-American inventors to the first president

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DoD photo The Defense Department observes National Black History Month in February by honoring the contributions of African-Americans who work to keep the country safe. As the nation marks the 40th year of the observance, President Barack Obama has issued a proclamation to urge Americans to reflect on the sacrifices African Americans have made for generations. Visit for more details.

National Black History Month

Story and poem by Brenda A. Fleming
Equal Employment Opportunity


The African continent’s terrain is varied: savannahs, riverbanks, highlands, deserts and forests.

The original inhabitants of our civilization used the singular power of their minds to shape their environment for their convenience and way of survival.

As a survival mechanism, man evolved as hunters, gatherers and toolmakers.

Once considered primitive, humans have progressed from prehistoric to reasonably advanced social animals. Over time, groups of prehistoric Africans reasoned, judged, understood and created the basis for much of the technology and industry that exists today.

It is not acknowledged enough that Black Americans have endured a myriad of suffrages, nor is it verbalized that they continue to face a flurry of hardships, disappointments and deaths. In particular, the countless horrifying deaths of unarmed Black men and women.

Nevertheless, throughout years of oppression, Black Americans have persistently fought for equal rights and freedoms as they strive to spearhead a force for change in today’s America.

Black Americans strive to exist in a land that has held disdain for their very existence. They’ve made remarkable strides in positive contributions for the future of all Americans.

While there is still work to be done, African-American history has transcended from enslavement on big plantations to Jim Crow laws, through the Civil Rights era of simply seeking equal treatment, to leading as President of the United States of America.

As we observe African-American Heritage month, let’s acknowledge the great achievers who have aided in empowering U.S. society with innumerable, sorely needed inventions.


Below is a very short list of African-American inventors and their inventions.

Inventor                                 Invention

James S. Adams                      Aeroplane propelling

George E. Alcorn                   Imaging X-ray spectrometer

Benjamin Banneker                 American clock

Dr. Patricia Bath                      Cataract laserphaco probe

Andrew Beard                         Rotary engine

Henry Brown                          Fireproof safe

Otis Boykin                             Artificial heart pacemaker control unit

George R. Carruthers              Ultraviolet camera spectrograph

Dr. Charles Drew                    Blood plasma

Kenneth J. Dunkley                3-dimensional (3-D) viewing glasses

Dr. Thomas Elkins                  Flushing toilet

Marc Hannah                          3-D graphics technology used in films

Dr. Betty Harris                      Spot test identifying explosives in field environment

Lonnie Johnson                       “Super Soaker”

Frederick M. Jones                 “Thermo King” mobile refrigeration

Lewis Latimer                         Carbon filament for light bulbs

W.A Lavalette                         Printing press

Gerald A. Lawson                  Modern home-video gaming console.

Ludwick Marishane                Dry bath

Tom J. Marshal                       Fire extinguisher

Jan Matzeliger                        Shoe-lasting machine

Alexander Miles                      Modern-day elevator design

Garrett Morgan                       Gasmasks and street lamps

James E. West                         Electroacoustic transducer electric microphone

Arthur Zang                            The cardiopad


We Are …

“Bongo’s thumping, calling out to the soul

The African tongue spews sounds joy for

Such Amazing Grace

Rhythmic dance exudes gracefulness of God’s paradise

The air I breathe, the earth on which I tread,

All takes me to the original home of humanity

From Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses

From intellectual sharecroppers

To a people of Oppression

To a people of stolen identity, wealth, and claim

We are a people of profound knowledge and wisdom

A people of endurance and tolerance

A people on the uprising

We are Black

We are Black Americans

We are African-Americans

We are …

We are a people on the uprising”

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