April 4-10 celebrates health awareness, significance

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Capt. Myra White
Public Health Nursing
Tripler Army Medical Center
TRIPLER ARMY MEDICAL CENTER — As an Army Public Health Nurse (APHN) and leader, it’s my duty to share National Public Health Week and its significance with you.

1280-1024-2016-wallpaperDaily, APHNs are on the forefront of disease prevention in Army healthcare, planning, coordination and mitigation of disaster response, policy development, process improvement and communicable disease outbreak and contact investigation. APHNs lead many different initiatives and policies, to include Tobacco Free Living and the Army Wellness Center, and regularly educating the community on the Performance Triad, a healthy living initiative under the System for Health umbrella. They use this initiative to encourage a culture change within our community, helping individuals to begin taking charge of their own health by educating them on how to make good nutrition choices, incorporating adequate amounts of physical activity into their daily lifestyles and purposely getting sufficient amounts of sleep each night.

“APHNs are significant leaders in health protection and improvement throughout the Army and are highly regarded for their public health competencies,” said Lt. Col. Johnny King III, director, Human Health Services, Public Health Command-Pacific (Provisional) and Pacific Region Army Public Health Nursing Consultant, Camp Zama, Japan. “You can find APHNs engaged in Army Medicine’s transformation to a system for health, establishing tobacco-free medical campuses, informing changes in Army health policies and processes, leading inter-organizational community health promotion efforts, and protecting the health of Soldiers in field and deployed environments.”

As described, this is exactly what APHNs, here and Schofield Barracks, are doing.  We stood up the Schofield Barracks Army Wellness Center and we’re now partnered with them to offer community support with tobacco cessation classes available to all active duty service members and beneficiaries who are serious about their desire to quit tobacco.

We bridge gaps within our community by creating partnerships and identifying the community needs. Based off of needs that are identified, we create activities to educate and engage the community.

During National Public Health Week, TAMC APHNs have collaborated with other disciplines such as, Nutrition Care Division, Pulmonary, Pediatrics and Behavioral Health, to address top medical concerns identified within our community. During the week, we will hold multiple health promotion activities, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at the TAMC Oceanside entrance. APHNs will also be educating individuals on behavioral health, healthy lifestyles, tobacco cessation, women’s cancers and respiratory issues.

With continued partnerships and education, we have strong confidence that this culture change will gradually take place and we will all be living the System for Health.

TAMC TIP:  Performance Triad and Sleep Awareness
All components – sleep, activity and nutrition – of the Performance Triad are important to building resilience, improving readiness and enhancing the health of a Soldier or member of the Army Family.
Individual sleep requirements vary; most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep daily, children and adolescents even more. Not getting enough sleep may increase your risk for stroke, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health conditions.
Here are some tips on the best sleep habits for adults:
• Don’t go to bed hungry
• Don’t drink alcohol before bed
• Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex
• Get 7-8 hours of sleep every 24 hours
• No caffeine within six hours of bedtime
• Finish exercising three hours before lights out

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