Parking infractions lead to increase in tickets

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No Parking

No Parking

Directorate of Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, and
Commander, 8th Military Police Brigade,
8th Theater Sustainment Command


Parking comes at a premium on all U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii installations.

Whether you are attempting to visit your dining facility, pick up groceries at the commissary or any other location on our installations, one thing is clear: Finding a safe and convenient place to park can be difficult and time consuming.

Parking is sometimes difficult to find close to where you want to go. This leads to members of the community taking short cuts and parking in unauthorized areas. As a law enforcement organization, we understand the parking situation, but also have the responsibility to the community to enforce rules and regulations that are emplace to ensure the community is safe. Over the past few weeks, community members have been cited with their fourth parking ticket within a 12-month period. These infractions lead to a 90-day suspension of on post driving privileges.

Parking infractions remain a constant concern, because they result in unsafe conditions and affect all the members of our community. When a vehicle is parked outside of designated areas, fire lanes can be blocked, traffic flow may be impeded and delays can form – all of which impact emergency response and good order on our streets.

The Directorate of Emergency Services is committed to the enforcement of the parking regulations on post, emphasizing the importance of safety and respect that comes with the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle in our community.

With an emphasis on safety, good order and discipline, the Military Police and Department of the Army civilian police consistently enforce the parking regulations throughout USARHAW. The Provost Marshal Office sends tickets (DD 1408) directly to the sponsor’s unit commander whenever someone has committed a parking infraction. These notifications can lead to an adverse impact on a Soldier’s career for a violation that is completely avoidable.

Please help our community and continue to park your vehicles in the appropriate, designated locations. Your continued efforts help ensure that our emergency response personnel can reach where they are needed quickly and safely. By doing the right thing when parking, you ensure that your fellow community members are afforded the opportunity to move about safely. Each of us has a responsibility to be part of the solution, and I know that every person who lives and works on our installations is making every effort to do so.


Policy & DES

Parking is authorized within two white painted parking lines on streets and in parking lots. Parking is unauthorized against the flow of traffic, in a crosswalk, or on grassed or seeded area. Parking is also unauthorized where official signs prohibit parking or when the curb is painted yellow or red and when the roadway is marked yellow or white. If you receive four parking citations within a 12 month period, your post driving privileges will be suspended for 90 days.

Don’t get suspended! Read USARHAW Regulation 190-5 (U.S. Army-Hawaii Traffic Code) at

For more information on Directorate of Emergency Services and the personnel who support this community, visit



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