516th carbs up, runs Malasada Challenge

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HONOLULU — They say one of the best ways to build a team is by breaking bread together. And they also say that running strengthens the bond between those who run together.
So, what happens when you mix the two?

Participants from across Oahu competed in the first-ever 516th Signal Brigade Malasada Challenge to find out, recently.

The 516th Sig. Bde. commander, Col. Jeth Rey, strolls through the finish line at 41:35, earning him first place.

The 516th Sig. Bde. commander, Col. Jeth Rey, strolls through the finish line at 41:35, earning him first place.

First breakfast
Soldiers, civilians and families gathered early that Saturday morning on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to test their gastrointestinal fortitude.
The 516th Headquarters and Headquarters Company’s command team, Capt. Scott Wilson and 1st Sgt. Andre Welch, organized the event with the help of their volunteers.

Similar to the famous Krispy Creme Challenge, a 5-mile race divided by the consumption of one dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the Malasada Challenge offered a different perspective.
“We wanted to incorporate the flavor of Hawaii with malasadas while incorporating a fun run,” said Wilson. “My intent was to host a first-class event where Team 516th and our fellow communicators across the island could come together.”

For this particular race, competitors traveled 2.58 miles to the malasada eating station, where they were to strategically devour six malasadas before taking the trek back to the starting point.

The overall winner of the Malasada Challenge came in at an impressive 41 minutes and 35 seconds. It was none other than the 516th Sig. Bde. commander, Col. Jeth Rey.

“I wanted to come in at a decent time, so I had to develop my own strategy to do that. The first was virtual eating,” said Rey, who offered his tips of envisioning the task at hand to the other competitors.

Rey even went a step further to explain how he was going to tackle the eating station. As a five-time Krispy Kreme Challenge competitor, his advice was sound. Yet, only one other person came close to taking the title.

Spc. Demarcus Holsey trailed behind the brigade commander after just over a minute.

“I ran 6 to 7 miles every Sunday until race day,” said Holsey. “I am preparing for the next one now. If I could do anything differently, I would make sure I have the right playlist on my music player.”

With a little friendly competition, the event was truly a success.

“I had hoped to see all racers have a great time competing in a unique event and come together as a team,” said Wilson, “and our volunteers did a great job in facilitating a terrific race.”

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