Driving suspensions on post rising

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A2_8th-MPs_Police-Call_Driving-Suspensions_001_w-300x225Daniel J. Brush, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Emergency Services
U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii


The Directorate of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Division is continuing its efforts to provide professional law enforcement to the U.S. Army-Hawaii communities.

Please be advised that operating a privately owned vehicle on USARHAW installations is a privilege granted by the senior commander. Individuals who accept this privilege must comply with paragraph 2-1 of USARHAW Regulation 190-5.

The DES Community Compliance Office (CCO) reported suspending 1,199 individuals of their on-post driving privileges during calendar year 2015. As of June 9, CCO reported 566 on-post driving suspensions thus far for calendar year 2016. This number is too high, and DES needs your help in raising awareness to reduce common violations of USARHAW Regulation 190-5. U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii will surpass the number of on-post driving suspensions for 2015 if this trend continues.

Listed below are common violations of USARHAW Regulation 190-5 that results in suspension of on-post driving privileges:


  • Operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicate (1-year suspension)
  • Driving while suspended (90-day suspension)
  • Fail to obey (5-year suspension)
  • Excessive speed (6-months suspension)
  • Reckless driving (6-months suspension)
  • Expired/no driver’s license (90-day suspension)
  • Expired/no registration (90-day suspension)
  • Expired/no insurance (90-day suspension)
  • Failure to use seatbelt/child restraint (30-day suspension)
  • Operating a vehicle while using a mobile device (30-day suspension)
  • No motorcycle personal protective equipment (30-day suspension)


In addition to the above-mentioned offenses, the accumulation of points on your driving record may also result in the suspension of your on-post driving privileges. A driver who accumulates 12 points within 12 consecutive months or 18 points in 24 consecutive months are also subject to suspension of on-post driving privileges.

While the penalties listed above might seem a bit extreme to some, they are intended to ensure that we maintain the safety and wellbeing of all personnel on our installations.


USARHAW Regulation 190-5

This regulation is located under the “Publications” tab on the USAG-HI homepage at www.garrison.hawaii.army.mil/command/documents.htm.

For more information on the services and the personnel who support this community, visit Directorate of Emergency Services visit http://www.garrison.hawaii.army.mil/des/default.htm

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