Chaplains are accessible to all Soldiers

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Chaplain (Capt.), Joel M. Giese
3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment
25th Combat Aviation Brigade,
25th Infantry Division


The title of this column is “Footsteps in Faith.” What does that mean? The honest answer is that it can mean different things for different people.

For me, as a Christian, those “footsteps” belong to Jesus and that gives me peace and security knowing to whom I belong and where I am going. However, for other people those footsteps may belong to Mohammed, Buddha, a revered ancestor, a famous scientist, the Army, a political group, etc., each providing a sense of comfort and security to that individual.

As recent events remind us, we live in an uncertain time. There is so much anger and hatred circulating in the world right now that many people have come to fear those around them. This is not something new. In fact, as long as humanity has existed, people place themselves against one another because of jealousy or insult or ambition. People will be people and we will do both good and bad.

President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower once said that it was important for all Americans to believe in something. He said this recognizing the diversity of America and Americans. While it can be complicated, it is this diversity that makes us so strong and successful. America is for all Americans, regardless of race or creed. It is our way as a people to hold fast to what makes us unique while embracing the uniqueness of others. This is true even when there are those who would deny us the opportunity. This diversity does not mean that we have to agree or accept as right what others say and do. However, the ability to disagree and still work together is something that America has harnessed over and over again for the benefit of all people.

What footsteps do you follow? What makes you better today than you were yesterday? What helps you to surpass those irritations that stem from jealousy or insult or ambition or fear?

The Army has resources in place to help you, and though they are religious by design, chaplains will assist anyone who wants to answer those questions. A chaplain may be of any faith, but they serve every Soldier and family regardless of faith or belief, including those who profess no faith.

So, spend a few moments now and assess what it is that propels you forward and what fears hold you back. Consider the footsteps that you follow and the great blessing that it is to be part of a nation that permits you to be a person of faith … or a person who professes no faith.



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