Use of ‘Molly’ comes with significant effects

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Army Substance Abuse Program
Schofield Barracks

“Molly” is the street name for pure MDMA (3-4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine).
Molly is different than ecstasy pills (“E”) because it comes in powder form or in capsules that are commonly more clean or pure than the “E” pills. In Hawaii, MDMA is also found to be laced with cocaine.
The primary effects of Molly are pretty consistent among all users. In general, Molly takes on its effects within 45 minutes to an hour after consumption and hits a peak after two to three hours. After the peak, Molly hits a plateau that lasts two or three more hours, followed by a comedown. The substance’s chemical behavior specifically targets neurons in the brain and it induces a massive release of serotonin, a vital neurotransmitter naturally produced by the body. When these chemicals are being pumped into the mind, serene emotions emerge.
Molly can have significant effects on its users. Effects such as an alteration in consciousness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, aggression, hostility, jealousy, feelings of intimacy and love for others as well as increased energy and endurance, just to name a few.
Dopamine receptors are also influenced by the presence of MDMA. This creates the perception of pleasure from a simple touch. Ultimately, this can be considered one of the least harmful effects associated with Molly; however, the pursuit of tactile enjoyment can sometimes lead to risky activities.
Excessive use of Molly can deplete the mind’s ability to continue producing serotonin. After several instances of consumption, the neurotransmitter systems start to wear down as a consequence of constantly running in overdrive. Irregularities in serotonin production lead to ailments including insomnia, depression, mood swings and a loss of appetite. Suicide can result from severe experiences with MDMA withdrawal.
Molly is very popular with teens and young adults and has become known as a party drug or a sex drug due to the euphoric feeling its users have. It has been used as a date-rape drug.
If you are using Molly or would like additional information, please call the Army Substance Abuse Program at 655-8610 to schedule an appointment.


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