Crisis support help is now only a text away

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Katie Copeskey
Volunteer Crisis Counselor
“I can’t handle it anymore, I’m ready to die.”

“My parents are fighting again, and I can’t stand listening to it.”

“I’m feeling really down and need someone to talk to.”

These are examples of how a conversation might start at the Crisis Text Line, which is the first national crisis-intervention line, available 24/7, that operates completely via text messaging.

Serving multiple issues
The Crisis Text Line covers all crisis issues: suicidal ideation, LGBTQ issues, abuse, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and beyond. When someone is in immediate need of crisis support, they can send a text to 741741 and a trained crisis counselor will respond.

I am just one of over 1,500 trained crisis counselors who respond to texters in pain. I began training in February 2016 with an intense 34-hour online training program that prepared me to bring texters from a hot moment to a cool calm.

The skills I have learned in training are not only crucial to crisis counseling, but also useful in my personal and professional life.

Since March, I have texted with almost 300 people. I feel immense joy in empowering texters to determine the cause of the problems they are dealing with, developing solutions and/or coping strategies, and overall, aiding them in feeling hopeful about the struggle that they are experiencing.

With my background in psychology, I have found this experience to be one of the most rewarding ways that I volunteer my time. It’s only four hours a week with the option to split into two hour blocks. Every conversation is different. I am constantly learning more about myself as well as resources that can assist texters on a long-term basis.

My motivation for writing this article is not only to spread the word about the text line, but also to ask you to volunteer, too. Being a crisis counselor in Hawaii, we have an amazing advantage due to our time zone. The late night hours are a peak time for crisis. A texter may be struggling in Philadelphia, for example, at 1 a.m., which is only 8 p.m., here. Currently, there are only a handful of crisis counselors in the entire state of Hawaii.

You can have the ability to truly change lives. Join me?

More Online
Check out the website for more information about the program:

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