Army Reserve honored for energy efficiency projects

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Jonelle Kimbrough

9th Mission Support Command and 99th Regional Support Command

The Army Reserve’s 9th Mission Support Command and 99th Regional Support Command have garnered accolades from the Department of Energy 2016 Interior Lighting Campaign awards.

The 9th Mission Support Command and 99th Regional Support Command replaced fluorescent light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diodes. (Courtesy photo)

The 9th Mission Support Command and 99th Regional Support Command have replaced fluorescent light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diodes – which saves on energy and money. (Photo by Jonelle Kimbrough)

Launched in May 2015 at the DOE Better Buildings Summit, the Interior Lighting Campaign is a recognition and guidance program designed to help facility owners and managers identify and implement savings opportunities from high efficiency interior lighting solutions.

Currently, the Army Reserve is among 49 participants in the program that includes the 9th MSC, 63rd RSC, 81st RSC, 88th RSC and 99th RSC.

This year, 13 agencies were recognized for outstanding performances in their applications of lighting systems. For their energy conservation and efficiency initiatives, both the 9th MSC and 99th RSC received awards as Exemplary Federal Government Sector Sites.

The 9th MSC’s award was for a lighting replacement project at the Army Reserve Center in Guam. It replaced two-lamp (56 watt) and four-lamp (124 watt) fluorescent lights with 36 watt light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The project reduced energy use by 62 percent and resulted in an estimated annual energy savings of 125,000 kilowatt hours, which could power 11 average homes in the U.S.

As part of its Energy Savings Performance Contract, the 99th RSC replaced three-lamp (86 watt) and four-lamp (108 watt) fluorescent lights with 46 watt and 61 watt LEDs at Technical Sergeant Vernon McGarity Army Reserve Center in Coraopolis, Pa.

“While many sites in the 99th’s area of responsibility received LED upgrades under the ESPC, the McGarity ARC was one of the largest sites to receive an upgrade, and thus was a good candidate to nominate for the award,” explained Justin Drigon, energy management coordinator for the 99th RSC.

The project saved 184,000 kWh for a total energy reduction of 51 percent.

The efforts of all of the ILC’s participants, which include major corporations, have saved 130 million kWh and an impressive $13.5 million in the program’s first year.

“(The project) has reduced our energy consumption and ecological footprint as a whole,” said Christina Vicari, energy coordinator for the 9th MSC.

Vicari said that the receipt of the award is very gratifying and demonstrates that the 9th MSC’s efforts are making enough of an impact to be worthy of mention.

“The accumulation of these efforts starts to take effect eventually,” Vicari continued. “Sometimes, you do not see the benefit or the result of all your efforts with all the time and effort that goes into these projects. The award is confirmation that the team here is making a noticeable difference in the 9th MSC’s overall energy strategy plan.”

“The award means a lot for the team here,” Drigon agreed. “It is great to see that hard work and attention to detail pay off. (The award is) also something that the units at the McGarity ARC can take pride in, as well. It is their facility, and I’m sure it is a great point of pride to know that it has been recognized.”

Drigon acknowledged the even broader impacts of the recognition.

“I think the award will go a long way in helping Interior Lighting, the 99th RSC community, the Army Reserve community and even the active Army component understand the strides the Army Reserve is making in energy conservation,” he said.

Interior Lighting Campaign

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