Soldiers preserve national history while obtaining career skills & nationwide job placement

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Soldiers participating in the Career Skills Program visit historic sites at Pearl Harbor.

Soldiers participating in the Career Skills Program visit historic sites at Pearl Harbor.


Sabrina Rasmussen
Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program

PEARL HARBOR — Army-Hawaii began the first cohort of its Career Skills Program (CSP) that will enable Soldiers within 180 days of transition to earn valuable industry certifications through the nationally recognized Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI) while restoring historical landmarks, here, at Pearl Harbor.

Lt. Col. Britton London, executive officer, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, officiated the kickoff for this first cohort at the Valor of the Pacific National Monument, Sept. 19.

Soldiers interested in participating in the CPI (or any CSP) must be within 180 days of separation from active duty, receive approval from their battalion commander and submit an application through the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program career skills coordinator.

Sgt. Maria Valdez, 25th ID, assembles her hard-hat on her first day in the CPI training.

Sgt. Maria Valdez, 25th ID, assembles her hard-hat on her first day in the CPI training.

Construction experience is not required. The program will orient students to all facets of the concrete industry from apprenticeship to management to entrepreneurship, and will provide them with the skills and certifications necessary for a career in the masonry industry. Most significantly, CPI is positioned to facilitate job placement across the nation. This program is open to all service members, both active and reserve.

CPI is conducting a 12-week training program that includes classroom instruction and field experience in the preservation of historic concrete structures. The initial phases of the program will focus on making much-needed repairs to the mooring quays at the Pacific Valor Memorial at Pearl Harbor. These quays mark the locations of the ships during the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 and are among the few structures remaining today. Preservation of these quays will ensure that future generations will be able to have a better understanding of the events that catapulted the United States into World War II.

dhrcareerskills_4232Through its partnership with the National Park Service, CPI offers its preservation field school that focuses on education, hands-on training and unique life experiences for active duty Soldiers seeking new ways to serve while gaining passion and direction for future careers (the program is also available to veterans at Alcatraz Island, Calif., where it has been successfully operated since 2010 with a nearly 100 percent job/internship/college placement record for participants seeking assistance with placement).

In addition to career skills, the training program provides veterans with an opportunity to acclimatize to civilian life among their peers and continue in service to the country as they help preserve national landmark structures.

CPI plans to expand its active duty career skills training program to other landmark locations across the county in the future in order to serve a greater number of transitioning Soldiers.


More information

The Army’s Career Skills Program, as authorized by the Veteran’s Opportunity to Work Act and DoD Instruction 1322.29, authorizes commanders to permit transitioning Soldiers to attend authorized training programs to gain the skills and certifications that will facilitate a successful reintegration into the civilian job market.

For applications for future cohorts or additional information about the program, please contact the Schofield Barracks Soldier for Life–Transition Assistance Program. Call 655-9272.

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