Take-back program offers safe drug disposal

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Military Health System

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Excess prescription and over-the-counter drugs can pose a serious risk in your home.

The Military Health System (MHS) is helping the military community fight back against the dangers of unneeded, unused and expired drugs by offering Drug Take Back at military pharmacies in the U.S.

dtb_sm-graphic_look-familiar“Proper disposal of unneeded, unused and expired drugs lowers the risk of misuse and environmental contamination,” said Dr. George Jones, chief of Pharmacy Operations at the DHA. “The MHS Drug Take Back program accepts both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, so this is the time to clean out your medicine cabinet.”

Military pharmacies in the U.S. offer two Drug Take Back options. Most pharmacies have fixed containers in place where you can drop off your excess drugs. Others offer envelopes you can take home, fill with your drugs and then mail in. Some have both. You can’t dispose of illegal drugs at MHS Drug Take Back locations.

“Holding onto drugs past their useful life is a bad idea,” said Jones. “It could be a child accidently ingesting an over-the-counter sleep aid or an addict finding expired pain killers. Don’t take the risk of having these drugs in your home once you don’t need them anymore.”

Drug Take Back
For more information on the Military Health System’s Drug Take Back efforts, visit http://www.health.mil/News/In-the-Spotlight/Drug-Take-Back. Listen to this week’s podcasts on Drug Take Back, transitioning and assisted living at www.tricare.mil/podcast.

Tripler Army Medical Center
Tripler offers drug take back. Go to the pharmacy or call (808) 433-6661.

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