TAMC nurses save 71-year-old marathon runner

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From left to right, Kayla dejardin, Holly Prevou, Laura spector, Kimberly Waechter, posefor a photo after the 45th Annual Maui Marathon.

From left to right, Kayla dejardin, Holly Prevou, Laura spector, Kimberly Waechter, pose for a photo after the 45th Annual Maui Marathon.

Maj. Todd R. Eaves
Tripler Army Medical Center
MAUI, Hawaii — Three Tripler Army Medical Center nurses traveled to Maui, recently, to run a race.

They left having helped save a life.

Sept. 18th, the three TAMC surgery nurses – 1st Lt. Kayla Dejardin, 1st Lt. Holly Prevou and 1st Lt. Kimberly Waechter, along with a friend, Laura Pector, doctor of osteopathic medicine, and Prevou’s mother, Sheila Prevou — traveled to Maui to participate in the Maui 45th Annual Marathon and Half-Marathon.

Finish line emergency
After completing the grueling 13.1-mile race, Dejardin witnessed a 71-year-old male, who was also competing in the race, collapse just 20 feet from the finish line. Without hesitation, Dejardin rushed to the scene and began evaluating the collapsed man.

“He had no pulse. He was breathing, but it was just deep, agonal breathing and no pulse,” said Dejardin.

Once she determined the man did not have a pulse, she initiated life-sustaining cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and at one point, stood up to grab an automated external defibrillator machine that was brought to the scene.

When she turned back to the collapsed man, Prevou and Waechter had stepped in to continue chest compressions. During the next 20 minutes, all three officers continued caring for the gentleman until local emergency medical services could arrive on scene.

When asked about her quick response and being the first responder on the scene, Dejardin stated, “I didn’t even think twice about it, so I think it was definitely the military training.”

Laura Spector, a friend and local physician who was an eyewitness at the scene stated, “Their care and training was impeccable, and I have never been more impressed with a group of young nurses. They performed these duties without any equipment available to them. It was even more impressive that they had just run an exhausting race.”

Three days after returning home from Maui, the victim’s brother reached out to the nurses with a message of gratitude on behalf of his brother. He wanted to personally thank them and let them know he is alive and doing well.

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  1. eddie says:

    Good job. Keep up the good work,all of you.Dont forget to wear your bicycle helmets when riding.I was crossing the street at lake and vennittucci,was hit by a car.Woke up two months later in Denver hospital.Still don’t remember anything.Stuck in a wheelchair.You don’t whant to end up like me.

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