DoD-wide MWR survey seeks feedback from customers

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WASHINGTON — The Defense Department has launched the 2016 Morale, Welfare and Recreation Customer Satisfaction Survey, officials from the Department of Defense Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Resale Policy Office announced, Oct. 25.

This is the fourth time the Defense Department has conducted a DoD-wide survey measuring customer satisfaction, officials said, noting that previous MWR surveys were conducted in 2009, 2011 and 2014.


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Defense leaders said that customer feedback through the survey responses can make a significant difference in MWR programs. For example, they said, improvements in fitness programs and facilities, outdoor recreation programs and single-service-member programs were a direct result of the 2014 MWR survey, so participants can complete the survey knowing their comments are heard.

Voluntary, Confidential

“This is your opportunity to submit your feedback on the MWR programs and help improve services designed to enhance you and your family’s quality of life,” said Ronald Keohane, deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy. “Your participation in this survey is voluntary and confidential. We encourage respondents to be candid in their responses.”

Respondents will assess their experience with the MWR program overall and with a core set of MWR programs: fitness, sports and athletics, libraries and recreation programs, outdoor recreation, recreation centers, automotive skills, single-service-member programs, swimming pools and leisure travel.

MWR programs are also known as “services,” or Marine Corps Community Services, officials pointed out.

Spouses can now participate

About 200,000 members of the active duty, National Guard and Reserve components were chosen at random to receive the survey, and for the first time, military spouses will also have an opportunity to participate, officials said.

“We are excited about the opportunity for spouses to provide feedback regarding their customer satisfaction with MWR programs,” said Kristen McManus, a program analyst with DoD’s Morale, Welfare, Recreation, and Resale Policy Office.

“To obtain feedback from both service members and spouses, service members are encouraged to complete their individual survey and then forward the email with the spouse survey link, so their spouse can provide feedback, too,” she explained.

This year, for the first time, the survey will be distributed via email through Recipients should be aware that it may be considered spam if they are not aware of the distribution platform, officials said.

“We’re working with the services to promote awareness of the survey via various communications channels, including social media, McManus said. “Participation by those who are selected as part of the random sample is critical to ensuring that sufficient feedback is received.”

More Details

For general questions about the survey, send an email to or call (571) 372-5322 or DSN 372-5322. For technical issues when taking the survey, email the CFI Group at

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