Under Secretary of Defense commends actions of armed services

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Frank Kendall
Under Secretary of Defense
Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

As an enabler of military capability, energy is a priority issue for the department.

We must ensure we use energy as effectively and efficiently as possible to reduce the costs of operating our installations and increase our ability to project and sustain power worldwide.

As such, the department has been and will remain a pioneer in the provision and utilization of energy in support of the nation’s security.

I am proud of the accomplishments we have made over the past several years.  Noteworthy examples include the Army and Marine Corps’ use of more efficient batteries to reduce the total load of dismounted troops, the Navy’s use of hybrid electric propulsion systems, and the Air Force’s optimization of flight profiles and procedures, as well as advanced propulsion systems. These are enhancing our ability to sustain deployed forces today and in the future.

Here at home, the department has made great progress in improving the energy efficiency of our facilities, lowering energy consumption by more than 10 percent since 2009, and helping the department avoid more than $1.2 billion in operating costs.

We have deployed over 800 megawatts of renewable energy across our installations and continue to improve the energy resilience of our military bases.

As part of Energy Action Month, we will showcase several Light Emitting Diode pilot projects at the Pentagon to demonstrate how this technology can improve lighting efficiency and quality while reducing energy consumption and cost.

In cooperation with the Department of Energy, we also are sponsoring several webinars on microgrids and other topics of interest to the defense energy community. For additional details, please visit www.acq.osd.mil/eie/OE/OE_EAM.html.

We must remain mindful that energy action equals mission success, and our nation expects mission success every day. In turn, I expect you to make energy action a part of all you do, each and every day.

Thank you in advance of your support of and participation in Energy Action Month activities at our military installations.

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