Combined Federal Campaign shows the power of love

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Story and photo by
Ha Si On
Army News Service

DAEGU, Korea — “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more,” said H. Jackson Brown Jr.

This is the art drawn by Dave, fifth grade in Ankara Elementary School that won second place at DODDS Elementary School Art Contest. (Photo by Ha Si On)

This is the art drawn by Dave, fifth grade in Ankara Elementary School that won second place at DODDS Elementary School Art Contest. (Photo by Ha Si On)

We as humans, at one time or another, need help, but we sometimes forget to give back the kindness.

We live in this fast-paced world, where everyone is too busy with his own life. No one has the time to stop and help someone in trouble or even ask.

We should keep in mind that there are others who need our help and assistance. That’s why the Combined Federal Campaign is so significant.

“Basically, it’s a committee of Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps in civilian personnel. They vet charities to see if they are legal and doing the right thing”, said Geanno M. Thompson, site manager, Military Personnel Division, U.S. Army Garrison Daegu, Korea. “It gives the Soldiers the opportunities to give to their favorite charity.”

The CFC is the annual workplace giving campaign. Department of Defense uniformed and civilian personnel can give to thousands of national and international charities and thousands of local charities around the United States.

Members of the U.S. military are dedicated to making a difference at home and abroad. Contributing to the CFC is a tangible extension of the service you already give to our country. Federal employees have demonstrated a resounding spirit of public service through the Combined Federal Campaign for over 55 years contributing more than $8 billion in donations.



This tradition of caring can be continued by making a pledge today. Through your service to our country, you see hardship every day. Pledging through the CFC is another way to offer help and hope to those who need it most.

The CFC offers several ways to make a donation, including electronic payroll allotments through your myPay account.

“E-giving is a CFC site where not just Soldiers can give, but also civilians and family members,” said Thompson.

Pledging online is a convenient, safe, effective and confidential way to support your favorite charities. Furthermore, online giving makes it possible to reduce processing errors and operating costs.

You can choose monthly payroll allotments and CFC eGiving, and one time or monthly credit/debit card contributions. Spreading your gift over the course of the year through a payroll allotment or recurring credit/debit card donation makes giving affordable while increasing the impact of your gift.

Many Soldiers don’t know where the money is going, and they are usually worried about if the charity actually gets the money.

“With this program, the money actually goes to the charity,” said Thompson. “It doesn’t go to somebody else’s pockets, not the organization’s pockets. It is designed to protect Soldiers, civilians and family members. Also, the undesignated donations, they go back to the Garrison or the communities.”

There is a saying by Elizabeth Andrew that “volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” If you are interested in disaster relief, veterans’ services and finding cures for diseases or offering therapy for service members returning from deployment overseas, it is great chance for you to represent a federation or charity in the CFC-O.

Through the CFC, you can give back to help others who might be in a similar situation. Choose your cause and “Show Some Love,” today.

The sooner you realize how important it is to get out of the selfish lifestyle and do something to influence somebody’s life, the better.

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