25th DIVARTY’s 2-11th FA conducts Table XVIII qualification

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Charlie Battery 2-11 FA has the honor of firing the first round of the 25th DIVARTY Table XVIII. (Courtesy photo)

Charlie Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment, 25th Division Artillery, 25th Infantry Division, has the honor of firing the first round of the 25th DIVARTY Table XVIII. (Photo by Sgt. Kevin Rodriguez, S6, 25th Division Artillery)

1st Lt. James Dyer
25th Infantry Division Public Affairs

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — 25th Division Artillery and its 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Regiment, conducted a Table XVIII qualification at Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawaii, for the first time in over a decade in preparation for their Combat Training Center (CTC) rotation early next year at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

PTA is located on the Big Island, Hawaii. Table XVIII provides artillery battalions with realistic scenarios where they can mass fires. This is difficult to do on Oahu where land resources are limited. This field exercise will help to ensure 2-11 FA receives the best training that can be afforded them for a successful CTC rotation.

25th DIVARTY Operations Officer, Maj. David Henderson said Table XVIII provided an opportunity to assess the time and accuracy of 2-11 FA in accordance with doctrinal certification standards. “It also provided 2-11 FA with an external evaluation prior to their deployment to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk. Additionally, it allowed 25th DIVARTY a chance to stress and verify their digital systems,” he said.

Table 18 demonstrated the capability to go through the “Call for Fire” process using only digital data transmissions.

Utilizing digital transmissions greatly decreased mission processing time as opposed to voice transmissions, therefore, increasing the effectiveness, responsiveness and lethality of 2-11th FA and 25th DIVARTY.

“The digital way of communicating allowed for faster fires and allowed 2-11th FA to exercise its communications strategically,” said 1st Lt. Nabonidus Greene, 2-11th FA Operations.

2-11th FA completed the Table XVIII qualifications at the end of a monthlong field exercise. With the added pressure of conducting the 25th DIVARTY’s first Table XVIII in over 10 years, combined with the previous weeks of hard training, the tenacity and endurance of the 2-11th FA Soldiers was tested, and they responded with great poise and success.

“It’s always good when units can come to PTA and practice their skill sets. It allows them to get away from garrison and use their planning methods to overcome problems. You always find more thinking outside the box at PTA,” said Sgt. 1st Class Craig Swartz, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, DIVARTY Signal platoon sergeant.

2-11th FA has now paved the way for 3rd Bn., 7th FA, DIVARTY to come to PTA in 2017 and conduct a successful Table XVIII using its hard-learned lessons. Through challenging training exercises, the 25th DIVARTY continues to hone its fighting edge to meet any potential threat throughout the Pacific.

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