Commanding general extends holiday wishes

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U.S. Army Pacific
News Release

General Robert Brown


FORT SHAFER — U.S. Army, Pacific Team, we have had another exciting, challenging, and fast-paced year in the U.S. Army, Pacific!

Now that the holidays are here, we need to take time to reflect on our accomplishments and enjoy this season with our family and friends. Even though this is a time of celebration, we must ensure that safety and protection remain top priorities while we enjoy our time away.

The Pacific theater has some of the most diverse and pristine environments in the world. We must ensure that our entire team is prepared for the wide range of hazards associated with the season, such as extended travel, icy roads, high surf, alcohol consumption, and even the potential for depression and suicidal thoughts.

Motorcycle and automobile accidents have always been the No. 1 killer of our Soldiers during the holidays. Protect yourself and your team by planning accordingly to allow ample time to reach your destination.

When driving, be prudent, be alert, be patient, and be sober. Look out for each other; take care of your teammates by ensuring they make the right decisions and help each other.

Let us not forget that the freedoms we have fought so hard to protect are often some of the most attractive targets to terrorist organizations.

Continued vigilance, and immediately reporting any unusual situations or suspicious activity, is our best defense and could save lives. Remember, if you see something, say something.

Leader engagement is essential to managing risks and maintaining safety and protection awareness throughout the season. Be especially attentive to those who are struggling with personal issues, and ensure everyone knows where to go for help, at any time, regardless of location. Take care of your teammates.

Thank you for your continued contributions to our Nation and support of the U.S.

Army, Pacific mission.

Patti and I wish you all the best this holiday season!

One Team!

Robert B. Brown
General, U.S. Army

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